28 April 2014


Dutch born Thomas Azier has recently honed his debut EP "Hylas" into something of epic electro-pop proportions. Berlin based Azier has been extensively touring Europe but still remains relatively unknown here in the UK. However, that should all change soon with this EP. Lead track "Hylas" is an effervescent meander of experimental noises and soundboard eclecticism from the offset as ambient bass lines become subsumed in agitated clicks, bleeps and synthesised punches. 

Azier's voice is both crystalline and haunting, cutting through the digital frivolities with purpose and assertion whilst demonstrating a heightened vocal range that few male singers could muster. "Hylas" is a devilishly rich mixture of electro delights and contemporary pop that builds nicely into inquisitive choruses and marauding sound interplay. The whole package sits neatly in the Miike Snow, Prides, Materikaa approach to producing music and it works exceptionally well if this EP is anything to go by.

Check out the lead single "Hylas" via the Soundcloud below then be sure to download the full album. Check out the links underneath to show Thomas Azier some online love.

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