26 September 2013


There is something absolutely refreshing about acts that shrug off obnoxious opinions and snobbery from industry critics when it comes to making music that they want to create. All too often you see artists manipulate their work to appear alternative or to distance themselves from any notion of mainstream. Its connotations of tasteless manufacturing and vacuous fads scares people. Fortunately, there are credible purveyors of pop who give the genre a brilliant injection of creativity and joyous appeal. This is where The Lottery Winners come in. The Salford based four piece of Thomas, Katie, Robert and Joe may be new to some but they have already performed alongside Bruce Springsteen and currently run their own radio show. The band's latest single "Learn To Sleep" is an unashamedly infectious jive-pop banger where sassy guitars grind together in a boisterous collision of brass screeches, retro tweaks and camp theatrical bravado, and that is just the introductory sequence. Kitsch drum beats and a scuffled ounce of bass ensures that this single perfectly strays, albeit tentatively, into the realms of indie whilst firmly remembering it's sturdier pop foundations. There are strong similarities to The Pipettes, Mystery Jets and the Hungry Kids Of Hungary thanks in part to an overwhelming sense of positivity and sixties laced nostalgia that permeates through into each delightfully harmonious chorus. This is good, clean and simple musical fun. The Lottery Winners' latest release serves as the perfect example to anyone daring to produce a decent pop number.

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25 September 2013


Theo Verney's meteoric rise from obscure 'bedroom-artiste' to that of an increasingly recognised name is testament to his dynamic compositions and musical fervour. In just nine months Verney has released his highly received debut "T.V." EP, supported Parquet Courts, notched up a plethora of industry references and is about to release his next fantastic instalment, the "Heavy Sunn" EP via Hate Hate Hate Records this October. The five track behemoth showcases the pliable nature and heady surf-rock invocations that make Theo Verney truly stand out and perfectly serves to highlight his applied stratagem to all things music. If you like SPLASHH or The Black Lips, you'll love this. "Count It Up" sits at just over ninety seconds. That's it. This abrupt smattering of well layered noise and enigmatic leaping tempo immediately hooks into your senses with predatory marksmanship and adrenaline fuelled enthusiasm. Everything is compacted neatly into one continuous stream of sound as funnelled guitars drip bronzed nodes of surf-rock charisma which in turn skittle across truncated Americana drum beats and expansive vocal echoes from Verney himself. His salt-tinged efforts meander along between sharp chorus bouts and sultry lyrical plateaus. You can positively feel the warmth, the pugnacious youthful appeal. This single is a potent concoction of retro-glazed psychedelia meets contemporary intuition and liberated thought processes where coppery instruments and melodic tones are abrasively sculpted into a brilliantly rustic hunk of garage-rock. 

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24 September 2013


The array of soft beats, gravitationally liberated vocals and tender electronic nudges that underpin the nature of Wildcat! Wildcat! would imply the band come from somewhere noted for such music like Melbourne or Stockholm, but in fact the trio consisting of Jesse, Jesse (yes there are two) and Michael hail from the glittery suburbs of Los Angeles. We first covered Wildcat! Wildcat! over a year ago after hearing their harmonic constructions and docile musical interpretations on single "The Chief". Since then the band have only re-enforced such identifiable sound traits further and gained an established fan base with a self-titled sophomore EP and current US tour supporting the formidable and 'en-trend' MS MR. The outfit's latest release maintains the band's now customary aural genetics whilst infiltrating a day-glow electro-pop vein that feels instantly more contemporary and fresh; mesmeric falsetto-clad vocals soak "Garden Grays" in a balmy lacquer of sauntered beats and soothing keys that is momentarily unsettled by intermittent synthesised channels and shuffled drums. The comparisons to MGMT, Empire Of The Sun and M83 are rife, but this band manage to fuse the wanderlust natures of electro to that of carefree and heart-warming folk-pop with unquestionable ease and melodic charm, standing them apart from the aforementioned rather nicely. "Garden Grays" is a simple song that gradually builds into a beautiful sunny arrangement of cascading choruses and fluffy electronic revelry.

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21 September 2013


GAPS, the Brighton duo of Rachel Butt and Ed Critchley have only been around for a year but they have already generated critical interest. The two both come from Coventry, but for different reasons the quietly resolute and stoic pairing ended up in Brighton and decided to forge a musical allegiance. Despite releasing just a handful of tracks, GAPS have been showered with praise regarding their abilities to fuse whimsical folk dreams between imposing electronic arrangements. It is stark, yet captivating. Searing off needless indulgences in favour of a solid rhythm, a key directive theme and masterful production residuals. Latest single "Keep You" incorporates the previously mentioned to the letter; gentile keys and guitar tweaks float across one another with surprising grace amidst deliberately crackling reverb. Raw. Exploratory but always with a sense of direction. Diluted Indian mantras and siren echoes emanate from Rachel, weaving and cavorting between Ed's shadowy productions that only endeavour to gain momentum for the remainder of the track. This dualistic approach has already been noted as one of their defining idiosyncrasies: contemporary versus modern, man-made mixed with digital, a male and female collective; with unspoken understanding their music portrays a seamless unison which puts them right up with the likes of The XX or IYES and a single such as "Keep You" demonstrates their capabilities perfectly. 

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03 September 2013


After an extended hiatus filled with writing and constructing disco indulgent electronica, Queen Of Hearts is finally back and primed with new material. We are a huge fan of the solo artist whose smouldering tones and glacial productions have earned her a loyal following and approving industry nods. Better known as Elizabeth Morphew, the Londoner's latest effort is far more frivolous and bold, a sidestep towards camper disco-pop and courteously acknowledges the silken ways of Kylie Minogue or Roisin Murphy whilst making it entirely her own unique sound. "Secret" is an imposing thoroughfare dominated at one end by a gargantuan bass-line that fluctuates and encroaches into your personal space with insidious intent whilst at the other glittery synths explode and erupt with creative enamour and highfalutin bravado. The only concordant thread keeping "Secret" together is the crystalline sharpness and ghostly vocals of Queen Of Hearts herself; they work with unspoken resolve and pointed understanding to command such diverse musical inputs, to harness them and resourcefully allow them to bubble up through. This is controlled electro-pop and showcases the masterful ingenuity of Morphew. Like trying to contain an actual secret, she scantily reveals her thoughts in an interpretative bath of shimmering music and whispered lyrical musings.

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02 September 2013


A suave producer of French electro-house fusions and a scintillating bubble-pop vixen from the UK. On paper the juxtapositional nature of both Monsieur Adi and A*M*E would imply that a successful collaboration could be hard to achieve. However, when we saw that the two creatively astute and intrepid artists had merged together we instinctively knew it was bound to be a fiery dance-pop anthem that smelted English joviality with French discotheque ambience. We were right. These two echelons of their relative genres have produced a track that really does work despite its obvious eclecticism regarding all manner of inputs and influences. "What's Going On" starts off with a classical opening sequence that mixes piano key jabs with avant-garde violin swoons, making this a frivolous and grandiose beginning indeed. Unexpectedly there is a dramatic shift where the music morphs into a contemporary slice of Parisian tech-beat sound play as the tempo starts to gain momentum. A*M*E's typically sassy vocals dominate from here on in by leaving a smooth urban lacquer over the French producer's latest smash as she purrs sweet lyrics amidst warbling bass lines, twinkling digitalia and punctured instrumental rifts. The Soul II Soul homage during the effervescent choruses simply highlights the craftsmanship and adaptability of Monsieur Adi and the resounding qualities of London's A*M*E in lassoing contrasting sounds into one fantastically slick dance-pop gem.

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