26 September 2013


There is something absolutely refreshing about acts that shrug off obnoxious opinions and snobbery from industry critics when it comes to making music that they want to create. All too often you see artists manipulate their work to appear alternative or to distance themselves from any notion of mainstream. Its connotations of tasteless manufacturing and vacuous fads scares people. Fortunately, there are credible purveyors of pop who give the genre a brilliant injection of creativity and joyous appeal. This is where The Lottery Winners come in. The Salford based four piece of Thomas, Katie, Robert and Joe may be new to some but they have already performed alongside Bruce Springsteen and currently run their own radio show. The band's latest single "Learn To Sleep" is an unashamedly infectious jive-pop banger where sassy guitars grind together in a boisterous collision of brass screeches, retro tweaks and camp theatrical bravado, and that is just the introductory sequence. Kitsch drum beats and a scuffled ounce of bass ensures that this single perfectly strays, albeit tentatively, into the realms of indie whilst firmly remembering it's sturdier pop foundations. There are strong similarities to The Pipettes, Mystery Jets and the Hungry Kids Of Hungary thanks in part to an overwhelming sense of positivity and sixties laced nostalgia that permeates through into each delightfully harmonious chorus. This is good, clean and simple musical fun. The Lottery Winners' latest release serves as the perfect example to anyone daring to produce a decent pop number.

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