17 April 2016


Norway's domestic music scene has always been skewed towards electronic rhythms and dance interplay. Acts such as Lemaitre and DonkeyBoy are famed for conflicting sound arrangements and for making their music altogether more fun. New Kids on the block Loveless, are certainly no exception to this niche blueprint.

Despite being several months old, "Elephant" still feels canvas fresh with a style that is typically Nordic but still very individual; opening up with tribal echoes, rousing audio spaces and atmospheric synths nudges the Norwegian duo's latest effort into a sweltering Balearic masterpiece that shifts dynamically into a salubrious deep-house ensemble. Tomine Harket's pointed vocals in combination with staccato beats, decent choral inflections and fervent bass melodies keeps all juxtaposing sounds tightly bound making "Elephant" one energetic release.

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