25 March 2013


Haus are an exciting new band from London. The six piece consisting of Jack, Samuel, Daniel, Ashley, Ellis and Lyle have stunned critics and fellow bands alike with their mature, finely layered arrangements that surpass their youthful exteriors. You would assume Haus are going to be a hazardous explosion of sound and boisterous energy but that most certainly isn't the case and we love it when conventions are refreshingly subverted. Haus are brilliant musicians with a knack for producing tactile indie blinders mixing the Bohemian tendencies of Foals and the dynamism of The Courteeners. "February" is a typical indie jaunt which bumbles along with adolescent pace and orchestrated instrument interplay. However, what separates this from the genre's usual mediocrities is an underlying warmth that coats each element in a bronze musical sap perfect for summer. Each chorus dances around with sufficient energy amidst a drizzling of honeyed guitar riffs and illustrious drum beats that ensure the tempo remains jovial throughout. Between such embracing musical intrusions are the vagabond chords of Jack Bushell that deliver a harmonious trickling of vocals to really make this track stand out. There are many angles to "February" and this single reveals the intuitive side to Haus along with their ability to craft fantastic indie-pop tracks without pausing for thought.

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10 March 2013


Over the last five years Australia has had a knack for churning out fantastic musicians and creators of sound; just think about the likes of Pnau, San Cisco, Gold Fields, Strange Talk, Cut Copy and then you get an idea of how rich the island's music scene is. The unsigned Melbourne-based duo of Laura Boland and Andy Liddell can join that reputable list for spearheading the often neglected electro-funk, disco-centric genre. The fledgling pair have a fascinating air of mystery between them simply because little is known about these two in the UK. Drawn together out of a mutual indulgence for brassy disco beats and voluptuous dance mannerisms, Back Back Forward Punch have a busy year ahead; with the release of their latest single "Zero To Disco" being the first in a line of new cuts it promises to be an exciting period for one of Melbourne's finest exports. Their latest single instantly pushes you into a world of honeycomb keys and house-funk swirls that act as the perfect catalyst in driving this disco number onwards with enthusiastic zest. Robotic echoes natter away in the background amongst a rock solid series of beats and granite bass line interludes between each thumping chorus as Boland delivers a beautiful and harmonic vocal performance. The vibrant synth-scapes of Liddell unleash a flurry of sound that makes this a magmatic slab of disco-electro menace. It beckons you to the dancefloor and who could resist such an offer.

Check out the fantastic "Zero To Disco" below then tell us what you think and leave us a comment. Be sure to visit the duo's Soundcloud too for any future releases.

08 March 2013


Fryars is the moniker adopted by London based Ben Garrett who originally began his career as a drummer but now produces music as a solo artist. It is clear that Garrett knows what he wants from his music and his abundant noise frivolities reveal that a lot of time has been spent honing a highly individual sound into something intriguing and distinct. Having previously worked with Jack Steadman from Bombay Bicycle Club and Cajun Dance Party on his first EP "Ides", Garrett goes into the year having released another EP, "Love So Cold / In My Arms" that cements his credibility for creating magnetised slow-jams and fractious R'nB slick grooves with vascular electro strains. "Prettiest Girls Fly Highest" is a brand new demo from the Londoner that starts off as a discombobulated assault of steady, crunking beats and tentative bass lines that gently weave between the odd synth bark; standing out amongst this fascinating staccato mire is the hugely manipulated vocals of Garrett himself. His proficient vocoding sugar coats this track with an electro-blues lacquer that reminds us of James Blake meets a down-tempo Hoodie Allen or Childish Gambino whose lyrics slide through and distort the background noise accordingly. "Prettiest Girls Fly Highest" is a multi-dimensional cut that fuses genres and showcases contemporary productions at their very best.

Check out "Prettiest Girls Fly Highest" via the Soundcloud below then leave us a comment or two.




05 March 2013


We first blogged about this enigmatic Swedish pair in August last year after the duo gained a wave of positive feedback from The Guardian, Discobelle and us at Owl By Night, in relation to their rambunctious pop stormer "No! No! No!". Subsequently this then resulted in a slot on H&M's international playlists and features with Sweden's P3 radio station. Now the Stockholm duo of Erik Lidén and Mattias Axelsson are back and armed with a formidable range of electro-pop stompers. After exchanging emails with Erik Lidén he was kind enough to send us their EP ahead of its official launch in March and this latest collection is just what we had hoped for and envisaged. We last stated that Materikaa deliver "hypnotic blends" and "engulfing diverse sounds" and this EP is a brilliant continuation of those traits.

What we initially noticed is that the kaleidoscopic mixtures of Materikaa's previous jaunts have been reigned in slightly, stepping towards commercial territory and channelling discordant sounds into a much tighter, efficient package. Materikaa integrate opposing genres through the entire EP highlighting that the duo are not afraid to experiment and play with sounds; indeed, each track is executed with a fiery panache that reverts back to their electro genes. Title number "No Borders" is a frenetic affair of howling vocal harmonies, chanting Nordic-twinged choruses and a slithering bass line. It is like Foals and BIGkids collided together; a mangled art-form fusing indie, dance and eclectic pop sneezes which gives the record a boost of energy from the offset. There is a dominant sense of musical fluidity; each track percolates gently into the next yet their is no repetition of sound or languorous patterns. "Pick Up Lines" is a dependable venture that efficiently plods along with mottled space beats and humdrum vocal streams whilst "Regrets" is an inquisitive scattering of glacial bleeps and animalistic quibbles that bounces along with typical pop energy. 

Towards to the end of the EP we are treated to contrasting songs. The cosmological sprinkles of noise and expansive synth plateaus on "Into You", a song full of momentous gasps and intriguing facets highlights a mellower side to Materikaa dominated by thoughtfulness and compassion for high-end productions whilst feisty electro-centric joint "Hearts Keep Beating" throttles schizophrenic sound manipulations down your ears and brings you firmly back to where we started; Distinctive, characterful and glossy Scandinavian music. Materikaa's style of music. There is no doubting that Erik and Mattias have produced one of the best records of the year so far and we cannot wait to hear more material from these fantastic Swedes.

Grab a copy of Materikaa's EP from iTunes and check some of the tracks and their previews below. Then follow the duo on Facebook and Twitter.




02 March 2013


Katy B tore up the scene several years back with her debut album "On A Mission" that fused techno arrangements with nineties vibes and house ingested beats. In between her sophomore instalment due this year the Londoner released a four-track EP entitled "Danger" last December that included collaborations with Diplo and Wiley. Now feels like the perfect time to peruse one of its stand out tracks. To anyone who has knowledge of R'n'B the song's title, "Aaliyah", immediately hints that this might be some straightforward, unimaginative tribute to the legendary singer whose cuts were ingenious and veiled with personal mystery. Thankfully that couldn't be further from the truth as we find the creative mastery of both Katy B and Jessie Ware have made Aaliyah a presence; a spectral, omnipotent feeling that they both cannot compete against as their lyrics suggest: "Aaliyah please, this is green envy, why must you taunt me girl?" The intangible rivalry stirs emotions yet also pays a thoughtful, well-crafted homage to the singer. Fragmented house wobbles and zorbing beats evoke nineties urban grooves and slick production techniques. Both artists' vitreous chords pierce the digital soundboards to great effect producing a contemporary number that strides along with fantastic energy, intelligent references and a dynamic chorus layout.

Check out "Aaliyah" below and tell us what you think by leaving us a comment. You can also download the EP "Danger" for free via Katy B's official website.




01 March 2013


Demob Happy are from our hometown of Brighton. They are part of an intricate community of musicians whose lives interweave and bounce off one another, keeping the heart of Brighton's new music scene well and truly thumping. Sitting alongside fellow residents Kill Moon and Tiger Cub, this rambunctious foursome are continually compared to early years Kings Of Leon. They may appear to be rebellious but delve past such a façade and underneath are musicians with an extremely talented music base coupled with the right amounts of attitude and raw delivery that make them a band to love and not loath. Having had a fantastic previous year the band are ready to drop new cut "Wash It Down". Demob Happy have created a track that enables each individual's musical inputs to perfectly compliment one another into a seamless outpouring of sound. From the offset we are treated to an extended interlude of cupreous guitar riffs and honeyed chord orchestrations which saunter along harmoniously to build up tempo and noise ridden drive. Eventually gritted drum beats and fuzzy cymbal smatterings dictate a bout of fervent chorus interplay that well and truly keeps everything rooted to the ground. "Wash It Down" is over four minutes of effortless guitar-led indie rock that feels completely organic in its construction where strong vocals magnetically latch onto instrumentals, bringing everything into a metallic, unified arrangement. Demob Happy's anthems give this often forgotten genre an invigorating dose of energy and showcases how rich and diverse the music scene in Brighton truly is. 

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