29 August 2013


The electro-house scene within the UK has stalled in recent years; in a world where artists compete for chart supremacy and Zeitgeist appeal it can be difficult to rise above the commercialised fodder to gain attention. The music has to do the talking. Fortunately for Champione, the moniker used by Brighton producer Rory Muldoon, his prodigally charismatic and angular musical progressions do just that. Champione is a name which is becoming increasingly synonymous amongst the Brighton dance scene and with a plaudit strewn "Home" EP things bode well for the digitally adept maestro. "Unicorns" is an absolute behemoth of a track that collides, distorts and extracts all manner of influences into one cataclysmic ensemble. Think of Madeon, Fake Blood and VISITOR and that should place you in good stead. The opening sequence is a monstrous stormer of ruptured staccato Deutsche-beats, ostentatious synths and enthusiastic key relays all funnelled into a fluxing tempo driven cavalcade. Such a plethora of technophilic leanings is delightfully refreshing from a UK artist and we love the exuberant, almost haphazard application of musical interjections. Eventually Balearic vocal whispers and repetitive Franco-house thuds dominate the composition, highlighting the transgressive ease of Champione's sound and thus showcasing his prowess. European producers, sit up and take note.

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28 August 2013


Last November Brighton vagabonds Bad For Lazarus staggered onto the new music scene with "My Muddle", which hot-pokered people's aural senses with frenetic guitar thwacks, jovial vocal movements and delightfully rambunctious grit-rock. After an instantaneous media furore the band are now signed to SH!T CHIC Records and follow-up single "Burnt!" thankfully possesses all of the charismatic isms that made Bad For Lazarus stand out from the crowd in the first place. This latest offering is made all the more fantastic due to a lack of guitars. Yes, no guitars! Thus, subverting entrenched conventions and turning them on their head. From the offset malevolent keys and scuzz-bass reverberations slither along with soundboard drive; fractious instrumentals dogfight in the background amidst thrashing cymbals and twitchy drum beats whilst the guttural vocals of lead singer Fownes deliver a neural dose of excitability. "Burnt!" is almost three minutes of experimental sound searching that involves psychedelic noise altercations, retro vocal chirps and maniacal svelte-rock tendencies in one noxious mix. It's no real surprise that producer Chris Goss (Queens Of The Stone Age) has shown a keen interest in the guys and their amazingly discordant fuzz-rock anthems.

Download "Burnt!" on 02/09/13 and grab yourself a copy of the eagerly anticipated LP "Life's A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!" due for release later this Autumn. Remember to follow the guys on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

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We have championed Strangers' take on pop-tinged noire-tronica since hearing their beautifully emotive single "Shine On You" during a stunningly captivating performance at last year's Great Escape Festival. Since then the London group have been inseparable from the studio in the pursuit of electro-pop perfection and absorbing musical intricacies. Front-man David Maddox-Jones has stated the band's desire to encourage new fans into their transcendent, ethereal pop world via a series of free downloads. "No Longer Lost" is one such download. Immediately our ears are accosted by jittery keys and contorted synth channels which pave the way obediently for Maddox-Jones' embracing, honey-sweetened vocals. It feels like Strangers have taken a step out of the morose realms of electro angst in favour of shimmering instrumentals and spirited resonance. Eighties infused beats and extravagant fluctuations of sound all vie for attention as the track dances onwards ensuring a positive ambience is maintained. It is all very IYES meets Bastille and it works exceptionally well. Vivacious choruses and a bridge sequence involving the beautiful harmonies of female artist Charli Rouse affirmatively instil pleasant thoughts and dose you to the hilt with euphoric electro wanderlust.

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26 August 2013


Last Heir may have only formed at the beginning of the year but already their accentuated guitar thrashments and fuzzy garage-rock attributes have developed into an exceptionally unique and established sound that defies the band's relative infancy. Industry heavyweights such as BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio have given the London group a huge thumbs up after debut release "Closure" incessantly burrowed into people's psyches, skewering senses with gnarled riffs and vigorous drums. Thankfully, "Monkey Heart" sticks to the aforementioned formula by enthusiastically immersing into the gritty realms of punk whilst still managing to bridge pugnacious youthful verve with secure pop notions. A bit of Nirvana, SPLASHH and Wavves all skittishly mixed together. That's how we see it. "Monkey Heart" is a titanic vortex of hazy rock distortions that smirks irreverently at conventionality and blandness. Frenetic choruses overlap and auditory elements fuse together in an anarchic world fuelled by reverberating guitars and sauntering bass scuzz. Despite the rebellious angst and bashful revelry, some of the vocals sound scarily similar to the 4 Non Blondes hit "What's Up" which only adds to the charm and individualised manner of Last Heir. Garage-surf rock has a home in the UK once more.

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24 August 2013


Bubbling away in the background, quietly assured and producing confident alt-electro soul jaunts is London based producer Ben Stefanski, better known to people under his moniker of Raffertie. Since our summer sojourn this multi-faceted exploiter of sounds has been making quite a name for himself; championed by Radio 1, signed to Ninja Tune and with a collaboration featuring fellow Londoner YADi under his belt Stefanski well and truly has his music honed. "Build Me Up" may be several months old but a track such as this lacks any ephemeral niches and commercialised mediocrity. From the offset Raffertie cajoles his oscillating vocal harmonies along with an almost protective tendency amidst cathartic synth waves, staccato drum beats and cetaceous click agitations. The use of a Mariah Carey sample further exemplifies the producer's unique craftsmanship and willingness to experiment. Raffertie allows severed emotions to permeate between the instrumental background making it sound all rather Niki And The Dove meets James Blake where kaleidoscopic noises triumphantly assert themselves within vast expanses of nothingness to create simplistic yet stunning electronic landscapes.

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08 August 2013


We love Pigeon. Simple as that. The Brisbane five piece consisting of Luke, Aaron, Danny, Chris and Nick have already received much praise for their ability to produce a style of electro dance-pop that is unmistakably Australian. It is rousing and experimental, almost calamitous in places but never overdone. The band join a formidable list of acts from 'Down Under' (Cut Copy, San Cisco, Pnau, Gold Fields) as they attempt to collide such discordant, opposing genre complexities into one funnelled vein of noise. Their latest cut "Encounters" is another creative step forward in terms of coercing each band member's style into a vociferous beast of a track; decorous synthesised up-drafts, gilded keys and the distingu√© presence of Germanic tech-board particularities fuel this disco-singed romper. For us, Pigeon are akin to Fenech-Soler in their application and with the way they extract sounds with intended purpose. Between such punchy nineties infused choruses Pigeon manipulate tempos, unleash brief M83-esque saxophone chants and stream neon vocals to give their latest single a multi-dimensional vastness. "Encounters" is an enjoyable track that bears all the hallmarks of musicians who are happiest when making masterpieces together.

Check out the music video for "Encounters" below and then go one further and download the single lifted from the band's fantastic EP "Fortunes" which is out now. Do you like this track? Let us know, then share, retweet and post to spread the new music love. 

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06 August 2013


We have to admit that Eilidh Hadden sneaked underneath our new music radar. Her official debut "Close To Home" is already several months old but we are compelled to review it. The fledgling singer from Perthshire, Scotland has already recorded a taster EP and received support from BBC Radio 1's introducing show. She has even had her latest offering used for a Made In Chelsea TV ad and it isn't hard to see why. Starting off with an intoxicatingly addictive "ah-oh" that will bury itself deep into your memory banks throughout the song's duration, "Close To Home's" opening sequence is fuelled by imposing drum beats and a culminating tempo surge that just about underpins Hadden's determined vocal outpourings and glassy tones. The creative intuition of this bold starlet ensures that each chorus spills forth a fiery alt-pop mix of occasional bass-line growls and pulsating synth explosions that conveys her inner emotions rather nicely we think. This is an audacious, lyrically astute track that feels very similar to established works by Florrie or Ellie Goulding in places, proving how much musical artistry Eilidh Hadden has to offer. 

Check out "Close To Home" below and tell us what you think of the newbie from Perthshire. Do you love her sound as much as we do? Tell us, share this post, retweet like mad and spread new music love.

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05 August 2013


We are still somewhat baffled by how London's scintillating pint-sized pop princess A*M*E, real name Aminata Kabba is not a more frequent visitor to the music charts. After a wealth of fantastic collaborations involving industry heavyweights such as Naughty Boy, MNEK and MC Righteous, a number one summer hit in the form of "Need U 100%" with Duke Dumont, mentoring from Gary Barlow and BBC Sound of 2013 support the ambitiously minded youngster deserves more attention. Her most recent single called "Heartless" is another eclectic amalgam of slick K-Pop residuals, splattered synthesising obsessions and sparkly lyrical wit that epitomises Kabba's way of making music. Her zestful tenacity and youthful image work excellently in tandem with sharp vocal manoeuvres and soul drenched layering; with attitude A*M*E demands "Be my Romeo, baby don't you be so heartless" amidst thumping dance beats, rocketing pop chants and an infectiously memorable chorus. Pop music in the UK has never been so much fun.

Check out the music video for "Heartless" below. Take note, those of you who remember Sabrina Washington's solo attempt with "OMG" will surely see similarities between the two videos from a minute and a half in. Show A*M*E some support via the links below and share this post.

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The Stockholm duo of Taped Rai have mysteriously shrouded their identity; with very little information leaking onto the internet about them, bloggers and music journalists alike have shown a keen interest in the Swedish pair since their earlier mainstream collaboration with David Guetta. "Epilogue I And II - Shadow Of The Sun" is an utterly stunning composition that rewards any listener's sustained attention with a brilliantly dynamic genre switch to an energising crescendo. Soothing harmonies and delicate vocal strokes float between tentative and emotively attuned piano keying for several minutes as a prolonged introductory format, a superb portrayal of how lyrics, voice and a solitary instrument can produce a masterful piece of audio art. Sounding like a velvety mix of Thomas Azier, The Sound Of Arrows and DWNTWN, Taped Rai transform this single into a momentous electro-dance beast with typically Nordic verve and sublime execution that perfectly showcases how genres can be intertwined and seamlessly reworked.

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These days Glasgow is developing an unlikely reputation as the epicentre for all things electro-pop. Think along the lines of Hudson Mohawke and more recently the fuzzy loveliness of CHVRCHES and you begin to see some indication that the Scottish city is breeding amazingly talented leaders of the sub-genre. Now you can add Prides to that expanding list; the trio of Stewart, Lewis and Callum officially dropped "Out Of The Blue" back in April this year but the track remains very much fresh and intriguing for all the right reasons. Unashamedly camp, glittery and fusing eighties-style nuances into one metallic musical alloy is what Prides already seem to do best. Epic choruses where majestic synth spirals dance around sure-footed drum beats and angular guitar strides paint a delightful electro-pop portrait that blends retro elements with contemporary vision. This single is very Toto - "Africa" meets Van She and offers a beautifully uplifting glimpse at what this new Glaswegian group have up their sleeve for future releases.

Check out their debut single "Out Of The Blue" below and tell us what you think. Do Prides tick all the right boxes? Share this review and spread the word.

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02 August 2013


Owl By Night is back. The scheduled two month break we planned for the summer is over and new music once again becomes our sole agenda. We have lots of music that didn't quite get a chance to be reviewed beforehand so this post bridges the gap of the last two months nicely as we hunt down the freshest music for your ears now that our blogging service has resumed. Enjoy.


There is something quintessentially beautiful and emotionally evocative when you hear a saxophone; the brassy dulcet tones and siren-esque allure can absolutely transform a song from something that may feel mediocre into a captivating piece of music. Postiljonen are a Stockholm / Bergen trio made up of Daniel, Joel and Mia who have received countless comparisons to M83 and predictable positive reviews as a result. Sewing together the instrumental romanticisms of DIANA and the wafted ambience that only Summer Camp could necessarily create the Scandinavian group produce embracing electro mood-pop full of wistful synth arrangements and day-glow beats. Like their previous jaunt 'Supreme', 'Atlantis' continues with their trademark sound and spews forth a myriad of sauntering keys, saxophone echoes and tranquil electronica. Grab their LP 'Skyer' out now via the band's website.

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Ted Joyner and Grant Widner are a New Orleans duo who make delightfully brisk indie skits and breezy percussion infused pop. The pair have garnered a large following in their homeland of America thanks to some highly communicative media savvy fans and high profile TV usage of their songs. Despite this release being a couple of months old it still feels incredibly new and exciting thanks in part to its spirited and juvenile compositional nature; idle handclaps, sparkly triangle pangs and all manner of quizzical instrumental randomness pours into Generationals' mix of sound. It is typically American if we dare ourselves to make such a sweeping generalised statement, very Foster The People in areas and extraordinarily chirpy to the point that it couldn't possibly be something born from a darker European mindset. This New Orleans collective make wonderful indie-pop canvases where fuzzy vocals like those on 'Put A Light On' can stream down amidst a pooling world of percussion eclecticism to make any listener smile.

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Bristol residents Coasts are an exciting prospect indeed. The band have already established themselves as an act whose sound is assertive, well formed and belies the bands still infantile stages of development and image. Sitting neatly between the morose realms of Coldplay and the rambunctious nature of Biffy Clyro the group have only released two singles to date. Their latest offering entitled 'Wallow' blends oddly salubrious keys with thundering drum beats and invigorating guitar interplay to scatter musically derived energy across the entire soundboard. A song like this feels like it should be played on the introduction to Made In Chelsea courtesy of its youthful drive and stampeding behaviour that will undoubtedly hook young ears along. By borrowing elements of rock, indie and pop Coasts have managed to create a fantastic style of music that the UK is lacking, it isn't particularly new or experimental but showcases a way that genres can work together in unison to produce awesome numbers like 'Wallow'.  

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