02 August 2013


Owl By Night is back. The scheduled two month break we planned for the summer is over and new music once again becomes our sole agenda. We have lots of music that didn't quite get a chance to be reviewed beforehand so this post bridges the gap of the last two months nicely as we hunt down the freshest music for your ears now that our blogging service has resumed. Enjoy.


There is something quintessentially beautiful and emotionally evocative when you hear a saxophone; the brassy dulcet tones and siren-esque allure can absolutely transform a song from something that may feel mediocre into a captivating piece of music. Postiljonen are a Stockholm / Bergen trio made up of Daniel, Joel and Mia who have received countless comparisons to M83 and predictable positive reviews as a result. Sewing together the instrumental romanticisms of DIANA and the wafted ambience that only Summer Camp could necessarily create the Scandinavian group produce embracing electro mood-pop full of wistful synth arrangements and day-glow beats. Like their previous jaunt 'Supreme', 'Atlantis' continues with their trademark sound and spews forth a myriad of sauntering keys, saxophone echoes and tranquil electronica. Grab their LP 'Skyer' out now via the band's website.

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Ted Joyner and Grant Widner are a New Orleans duo who make delightfully brisk indie skits and breezy percussion infused pop. The pair have garnered a large following in their homeland of America thanks to some highly communicative media savvy fans and high profile TV usage of their songs. Despite this release being a couple of months old it still feels incredibly new and exciting thanks in part to its spirited and juvenile compositional nature; idle handclaps, sparkly triangle pangs and all manner of quizzical instrumental randomness pours into Generationals' mix of sound. It is typically American if we dare ourselves to make such a sweeping generalised statement, very Foster The People in areas and extraordinarily chirpy to the point that it couldn't possibly be something born from a darker European mindset. This New Orleans collective make wonderful indie-pop canvases where fuzzy vocals like those on 'Put A Light On' can stream down amidst a pooling world of percussion eclecticism to make any listener smile.

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Bristol residents Coasts are an exciting prospect indeed. The band have already established themselves as an act whose sound is assertive, well formed and belies the bands still infantile stages of development and image. Sitting neatly between the morose realms of Coldplay and the rambunctious nature of Biffy Clyro the group have only released two singles to date. Their latest offering entitled 'Wallow' blends oddly salubrious keys with thundering drum beats and invigorating guitar interplay to scatter musically derived energy across the entire soundboard. A song like this feels like it should be played on the introduction to Made In Chelsea courtesy of its youthful drive and stampeding behaviour that will undoubtedly hook young ears along. By borrowing elements of rock, indie and pop Coasts have managed to create a fantastic style of music that the UK is lacking, it isn't particularly new or experimental but showcases a way that genres can work together in unison to produce awesome numbers like 'Wallow'.  

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