29 January 2013


Gold Fields are another Australian electro-pop collective who make heavenly slices of music with absolute finesse and relative ease. The band produced an EP late last year that received positive feedback and now this year they release their debut album "Black Sun" via the Astralwerks label. Following on from Pnau and San Cisco, the five-piece from Ballarat showcase a style of music tinged with a vivacious synth varnish and escalating mood peaks. Think of an Australian Fenech-Soler and you are bang on track. "Dark Again" actually started life as a demo but after several years and a gradual production rework the track is the first single off of the album and this bodes well as far as the rest of the collection is concerned. Starting with a warm, coppery splash of guitars immediately gives "Dark Again" a scuffled indie vibe that quickly dissipates in favour of corrugated bass-line hovering and wondrous synthesised constellations. Building tempo with each musical input gives this track a serious dance angle as beats merge together and instrumental drive gains momentum; the chorus is the perfect balance of audio interactions lassoed together by piercing vocal dynamics. As the band have quoted, this latest release details the tribulations of "pulling yourself out of a rut" and with a song like this we can't see that being too difficult thanks to such glossy electro-pop craftsmanship.

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27 January 2013


Having seen Born Gold last year at The Great Escape Festival we were mightily impressed with their performance ethics; they were jovial and enthusiastic, possessing a charismatic stage presence. When we heard that the Canadian trio were returning to Brighton as part of their first European tour we had to see them again. Led by Cecil Frena, the band provided the small crowd with balloons to throw around and reflect disco ball light streams, enhancing the visual aesthetic. Not surprisingly the addition of a simple thing like balloons created a miniature scene of pandemonium and childishness all whilst Born Gold performed. Mixing visual elements with frenetic noise plateaus created a fantastic atmosphere that would have been perfect in an underground club. Frena's futuristic motion sensor jacket and his rapturous dancing perfectly drew us into a world full of cantankerous bass grinds and jittery cosmo-synth waterfalls. Their infectious energy made the performance entertaining as each track barrel rolled into the next fuelled by a ravenous electro hunger. Splitting their set into two distinct chapters, older material and new material created a flowing performance that we completely adored. Older tracks like "Lawn Knives" spliced the air with bursts of space odyssey electronica and Berlin-esque techno whilst their newer material provided a more docile affair of breezy bass whirs and soaring vocals. Hopefully we will see these Canadians and their balloons again soon.

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26 January 2013


First off, we will admit that we hadn't heard of Us Baby Bear Bones until their jaunt at the Green Door Store with IYES and Canada's Born Gold. Yes, we feel guilty so let's make up for lost time. Us Baby Bear Bones consists of Elizabeth, Daisy and Luke who produce, and we quote, "Dream pop ~ born as a result of restrictions, steering them in the direction of multi-instrumentalism". Having viewed their performance with an open mind we can safely say that Us Baby Bear Bones were a lovely surprise. This captivating band have a brilliant, mystical aura that transcends both their visual stage presence and audible productions. Each track is beautifully constructed with intricate instrumental layers that build into an enchanting display of tinkering xylophone chimes and resonant drum beats. Such juxtaposing sounds shouldn't work on paper, but Us Baby Bear Bones manage to create a harmonious balance that works very well when performed live. Alternative noire-pop tracks such as "You" and "Swamp" twirled around the crowd with a feeling of wonderment as satin keys peppered swooping vocal soundscapes to create a smoky atmospheric backdrop. This Brighton band really do make dream-pop tinged with slow-beat sparkles and vocal decadence and their performance at the Green Door Store absolutely proved that.

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24 January 2013


For those who follow this blog regularly you will be familiar with the name of IYES; we mentioned the fledgling Brighton duo of Josh and Melis last month as their debut track "Lighthouse" set alight the internet thanks to the duo's smooth R'n'B angles and wavy alt-pop harmonies. Gaining a label as "The next XX" has helped this ensemble to obtain a quick fanbase and after this performance it isn't hard to see why. Being first on can prove difficult at times but IYES indulged the crowd to a selection of swishy audio pleasantries. The band's stage presence was refined. The music most certainly did the talking and that is the IYES way it would seem. Each song swirled mesmerically into the next with fluid execution whilst the timid charm of lead singer Melis ensured the delivery was poised amid disco ball flickers and scuffling shoes. Despite all this we never even thought about those XX comparisons; Josh and Melis make music in their own individual way by channelling a strong, pulsating beat and solid vein of shadowy electro between each instrumental layer. Captivating throughout, IYES provided a great opening set to warm the crowd and generate a wonderful little atmosphere.

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23 January 2013


KAMP! are a band that have been around for a while having grown a popular domestic following in their native Poland and a niche global fanbase thanks in part to their audio displays of vibrant and golden electro-pop. We haven't blogged about a Polish music act before and it is safe to say that the trio stand alone as far as electro-pop from the Eastern European nation is concerned. "Melt" was recorded over a year ago in the studio and has since worked its way onto the band's set list over the last twelve months. KAMP! have chosen the DISCOTexas record label to release their new single having tweaked its characteristics to become an absolute gem of dreamy electro infusions. Bide your time with "Melt", it is a relatively long track sitting at just over five minutes in length; your patience is luxuriously rewarded as the song continually builds momentum to add further meticulous musical facets. Evoking spiritual bouts of flute-like tingles and breezy computations during the first two minutes immediately draws interest as the tempo slowly builds. We have to pinch ourselves that this isn't a new release from St Lucia, The Other Tribe or Carousel. This is KAMP! and we love it. "Melt" continues into a world full of floating synths, tropical percussion backdrops and hazy vocal outpourings that bathe ear canals in a salubrious music cocktail; this track is the perfect equilibrium between cosmological electro-pop, euphoric Majorca dance and heated indie grit to which we cannot help but play on repeat.

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19 January 2013


We thought it apt to review a song about the white stuff when it currently has brought half of the UK to a standstill. Fortunately whilst we are stuck indoors braving the cold this beautiful little track has immediately made us feel all warm and fuzzy. Gothenburg resident Frida Sundemo is another pristine Swedish songstress who works with a clinical production ethic and dynamic vocal presence when it comes to all things electro-pop. Joining the upper echelons of music society with fellow Swedes Lykke Li and Ask Embla, this trainee doctor-turned-singer has spent a year in the studio with producer Naiv to create the long await "Indigo" EP, released March 25th. Fellow countrymen Materikaa have taken the delightful simplicity of "Snow" and stripped it back to an almost blank canvas. The first minute is a gentle affair of expansive synth flurries falling across a sleek geometric domain of bleeps and Sundemo's crystalline harmonies. Becoming more intricate with every passing second, the gradual tempo increase spurs on an inquisitive chorus of velvety electro spasms and dolphin-esque warbles. Sundemo's vocals weave perfectly between the electro plains that Materikaa traverse to produce a fragile musical tapestry that we defy any listener to not sit back and smile at. Flawless, instrumentally astute and full of glittering sound elements, these two artists have produced a perfect track to compliment any snow-filled day.


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Owl By Night first blogged about Charli XCX back at the end of 2011 when the creative teenager was all fresh-eyed and bushy tailed. We instantly took a shine to her experimentalist slants on pop; the dexterous lady knew what she wanted and went with it. With help from collaborators like Patrik Berger (Lana Del Rey) and Alex Metric, the London starlet has used her head wisely to ensure she is surrounded by the very best. After the welcoming reception for "Nuclear Seasons" and "You're The One", Charli XCX has opted for another sparkling track that pushes pop boundaries and dissolves the notion of everything in moderation. Working with electronic genius Gold Panda, "You (Ha Ha Ha)" commences with a swarming array of synth glitches and veiled Bollywood sheen that will immediately remind you of the way Passion Pit or Of Montreal would construct discordant noise fantasies. Charli XCX spreads her distinct crimson vocals over the jittery background with a rich array of smooth notes and sassy murmurs that typify this song throughout. Her brash lyrics give this latest release a sense of depth. "Coz I know you struggle. Choke when you see love grow". It is all rather "I told you so" and drips bitter-sweet tones over the entire production. With a corybantic set of verses and a pounding chorus of warped bass-lines and imposing beats this track revels in it's M.I.A - "Paper Planes" style of irreverence to which we cannot help but love.

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18 January 2013


What do you get if you marry the effervescent electro noire-scapes of two artistic visionaries with the sultry chords of a world famous burlesque dancer? You get "Disintegration" that's what. Since forming four years ago Andrew Armstrong and Ra Black have been channelling their sequinned sound across polished dancefloors to great effect. Working with the likes of Kylie Minogue and Ellie Goulding stands as a testament to the abilities of the London based duo who have notched up countless remixes and homegrown tracks full of mechanical voracity and thumping nocturnal beats. With a proficient international buzz, we were wondering what Monarchy would do next. We clearly didn't see the delectable Miss Von Teese partnership on the horizon that's for sure. Monarchy have delivered a frenetic track that slams shimmering pop angles into jagged electro purrs. Sounding like a concoction of Goldfrapp meets Miike Snow, "Disintegration" starts off with a molten wave of vocals that teases the listener, inviting them in to the duo's world. The whole song is stitched together by an oscillating back-beat that keeps both the tempo and additional sound elements concordant from start to finish. An explosion of synths and frivolous bass whirs creates a formidable chorus giving this latest track a pulsating rhythm where brazen noise patterns meet hypnotic vocal foreplay. Monarchy, once again, reclaim their title as kings of electro-pop.

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16 January 2013


Club Sahara is the London based solo artist Jakob Fredrik. Aided by Josh Christopher, one half of Brighton's latest talent IYES, it is clear that Club Sahara are still a mysterious outfit with minimal online presence. What we do know is that Fredrik has established his own niche sound called "Death RnB" and his debut track "Birthday" perfectly lays down the genre's foundations. Morose, provocative and drizzled in a solemn musical undertone this track has the ability to reach out and pull you in to a world of digital vortices and hollowed sound. You can feel this song. Tangible in places but always remaining just out of distance. Can people relate to that type of effect and enjoy it? We think so. Such a unique quality to instil in your music is very impressive indeed and Fredrik can take full credit for such an achievement. "Birthday" swirls along with an otherworldly motion of rippling synth pools and cavernous vocal outpourings; through every spoken word there is a distinct emotive vein of anguish that slices the soundboard again and again. Reminiscent of Hadouken's "Lost" or Breton's "The Commission", Club Sahara have nurtured an atmospheric sound dripping rich with Fredrik's shimmering Teutonic roots. A track such as this only promises bigger and better things and we for one are certainly anticipating the next arrival.

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08 January 2013


Sweden have The Royal Concept. Finland have Satellite Stories. Now Norway can enter the indie-pop thoroughfare with Oslo-based collective Kid Astray. Having been bolstered by national radio and loyal Scandinavian festival folk over the last year, now is probably the right time for this six-piece ensemble to whip off the tarpaulins and reveal their sound to a wider audience. When you first listen to "The Mess", you will undoubtedly notice the typically British elements and lively instrumental choruses. Once again our Nordic brethren take the nuances of Brit-pop and skittish indie thwacks, funnelling it into a tight package of boisterous musical revelry. How do they do it, seriously? Sounding like Two Door Cinema Club, The Wombats, Fenech-Soler and Bloc Party, (the list could go on but you get the idea) the Norwegians have made a single that is full of upbeat mood, fun jives and simplistic construction. Kid Astray are on to a winner if they play their cards right. Sumptuous azure pools of vocal wonderment meet bristling guitars and stomping beats to paint a scintillating indie veneer. "The Mess" is a brief musical soiree where British charisma meets Norwegian sophistication to produce this scorching pop number we cannot help but love over and over again.

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Headed up by Nathan Williams, Californian vagabonds Wavves return after a brief hiatus with a refreshingly slushy jaunt of xylophone introduced sparkles and muffled retro sounds. We at Owl By Night are still baffled by the lack of enthusiasm the UK has shown towards Wavves. After all, their music is dynamic and trips hazily along into dunes of sun-kissed, garage indie. So why any BOY London hipster hasn't downloaded their entire back catalogue remains a flickering mystery. Having created such a distinctive sound it comes as no real surprise that the trend for channelled guitar strums and sandy alcohol soaked thuds steadfastly remains in place on the Americans' latest effort, "Sail To The Sun". Feeling around for a sturdy musical footing within the first minute, this track evokes imagery of that little newly-born deer you see on wildlife documentaries; stumbling about on wobbly limbs the delicate instrumentals tip-toe out the way for fizzy copper beats and fractious vocalised choruses that fuel this lively track along into a dreamy grease-pop realm. Get winter out the way already and head to the beach, turn up the volume, drink a pint or three and make wavves. 

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