29 January 2013


Gold Fields are another Australian electro-pop collective who make heavenly slices of music with absolute finesse and relative ease. The band produced an EP late last year that received positive feedback and now this year they release their debut album "Black Sun" via the Astralwerks label. Following on from Pnau and San Cisco, the five-piece from Ballarat showcase a style of music tinged with a vivacious synth varnish and escalating mood peaks. Think of an Australian Fenech-Soler and you are bang on track. "Dark Again" actually started life as a demo but after several years and a gradual production rework the track is the first single off of the album and this bodes well as far as the rest of the collection is concerned. Starting with a warm, coppery splash of guitars immediately gives "Dark Again" a scuffled indie vibe that quickly dissipates in favour of corrugated bass-line hovering and wondrous synthesised constellations. Building tempo with each musical input gives this track a serious dance angle as beats merge together and instrumental drive gains momentum; the chorus is the perfect balance of audio interactions lassoed together by piercing vocal dynamics. As the band have quoted, this latest release details the tribulations of "pulling yourself out of a rut" and with a song like this we can't see that being too difficult thanks to such glossy electro-pop craftsmanship.

Check out the brilliant music video below then tell us what you think of Gold Fields' latest release. Does it get the thumbs up? Comment below.



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