20 September 2014


The Knocks got their name from the disgruntled neighbours in their New York apartment block who often 'knocked' walls and ceilings begging the duo of Ben Ruttner and James Patterson to stop the aural intrusions. The horror of it all!

Ruttner and Patterson recently released a letter, almost like a manifesto, that stated their opinion on the music industry and its difficulties. The message was clear, music must be emotive. The pair's latest single supports such a sentiment; featuring fellow American duo Powers, "Classic" is a kinetic romp into the soul-funk yonder underpinned with lashings of Scandi-pop nuances and electronic verve. The Knocks manage to intricately weave these elements into one cohesive unit. Everything feels coppery and emanates a euphoric warmth as springy guitar pangs and triumphant beats pave the way for vibrant choral intersections. Alphabeat in places, Mausi in others, but above all, fantastic electro-pop.

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18 September 2014


BANKS is an artist who exudes mystery and hushed vocal sensuality. Joining an increasingly popular club (think Claire Maguire, Salt Ashes, Grimes) the brooding silhouette of this twenty-something starlet casts a powerful shadow over any given crowd. The singer, who resides in Los Angeles, California has already supported the likes of The Weeknd as well as coming third in the BBC's Sound Of 2014 short list. No mean feat.

BANKS' latest single is a devilish production where blackened moods and recalcitrant instrumentals jostle. "Beggin' For Thread" utilises what BANKS is renowned for, her subtle layering of sounds and that voice: murmured, disclosing, a window into the very soul of such an emotively astute individual. The singer had kept all of her material private until quite recently and that is all the more evident from the personalised, angst ridden atmospherics that dominate; wafting reverb, damp bass thuds and an encompassing synthesised stucco cements this package as choruses integrate and lyrical proficiency abounds. This is powerful mood-pop that befits BANKS and her artistic expression perfectly.

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16 September 2014


London vixens Eli And Fur first caught our attention two years ago with their thumping release "Tonight", now the effortlessly chic and dexterous music maestros have teamed up with renowned producer Shadow Child to produce "Seeing Is Believing", a salubrious deep-house, electro-twitch leviathan.

What strikes you about "Seeing Is Believing" is the miscellany of senses that such an invigorating production can trigger. Woozy and futuristic digital sounds and hi-tech distortions pool together to create an overarching feeling of expanse, of unrelenting space where inputs of sound can be drawn tantalisingly into the aural ether to soar high and capture your attention. Galactic reverb coupled with the duo's seductive vocalisations lure you into a stupor, a dalliance of wobbling dance beats and house rhythms that evokes the kind of fantastical emotions only a night of inebriation could replicate. Eli And Fur along with Shadow Child have produced a beast.

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09 September 2014


There seems to be a resurgent uprising of electro-indie bands of late. Thumpers, Prides, The Other Tribe anyone? Shimmering keys, tropical beats and a plethora of other percussive increments abound. It is a popular scene indeed and now you can add London band Waylayers to it. Harry, Dave and Joe have risen from bedroom obscurity at last. 

"Footsie" starts off with a floozy sun-washed guitar sequence where ushered vocals skittle across an expansive musical impression so that filtered sounds may enter and fill in the voids of previous nothingness; a buoyant tempo gives a waft of energy to the track and a quick shift in genre and mood sees sweltering indie rhythms become subsumed in a vivacious club beat. This singularity alone snares your aural receptors and slides "Footsie" into a neon funnelling of house-twitch bleeps and smatterings. Timidly promiscuous lyrics and Friendly Fires-esque vocals ensure Waylayers cover all bases with this late summer rascal.

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07 September 2014


Sweden's Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson, or Lykke Li as her stage persona goes, has been one of the country's most successful music exports in recent years. Her debut album was met with critical acclaim and the angelic songstress has developed an almost effortless, inbuilt knack for producing a kinetic fusion of dark electronica and slick pop virtues.

"Gunshot" maybe several months old but it still feels incredibly forward and sharp. Li's piercing soprano arrangements dominate and dictate the ambiance of this latest offering. Progressive exhalations, swooning intonation and a delightfully strong output once again demonstrate the prowess of this Nordic singer. Each chorus resonates with smouldering electro tweaks and fumbled drum thuds. The right amount of energy and macabre reverberation to compliment such dramatically vivid lyrics. Dark, emotively stark and with just the right dose of pop to lull you into a false sense of pleasant security, Lykke Li proves that Scandinavians do it best.

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06 September 2014


Over the last year or so we have been privy to a wealth of Lana Del Rey remixes; her brooding vocalisations coupled with a clean musical background provide a fantastic opportunity for producers to mutate what are typically blackened pop noire numbers into electronic monsters.

Fortunately for us, three producers (Rex Riot, Ouros, JSTJR) have come together on "Black Beauty", a track lifted from Del Rey's sophomore album "Ultraviolence". Despondent bass whomps that oscillate between a steady metallic beat generate robust foundations for this electro-dub manifestation; feeling almost chaptered in places, Del Rey's smouldering vocals and haunting pitch unsettle the digital background creating a wonderfully efficient duality of human intervention and soundboard agitation. Sombre in places, determined in others, this joint venture certainly comes across as one of the best remixes of Lana Dely Rey's workings to date with a Justice-esque approach and raw electro movement.

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