07 September 2014


Sweden's Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson, or Lykke Li as her stage persona goes, has been one of the country's most successful music exports in recent years. Her debut album was met with critical acclaim and the angelic songstress has developed an almost effortless, inbuilt knack for producing a kinetic fusion of dark electronica and slick pop virtues.

"Gunshot" maybe several months old but it still feels incredibly forward and sharp. Li's piercing soprano arrangements dominate and dictate the ambiance of this latest offering. Progressive exhalations, swooning intonation and a delightfully strong output once again demonstrate the prowess of this Nordic singer. Each chorus resonates with smouldering electro tweaks and fumbled drum thuds. The right amount of energy and macabre reverberation to compliment such dramatically vivid lyrics. Dark, emotively stark and with just the right dose of pop to lull you into a false sense of pleasant security, Lykke Li proves that Scandinavians do it best.

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