11 October 2013


Brighton vixen Elli Ingram epitomises how successful musicians can be when it comes to acknowledging and utilising the importance of the internet through tactful self-marketing and by releasing new material. After covering Kendrick Lamar's "Poetic Justice" via the platform of Youtube, Ingram has continuously received praise following the release of debut EP "Sober", has earned a support slot on Chase And Status' latest tour and been compared to Adele due to her soulful warbles and contrasting urbanised wit. Lead track "Mad Love" offers an enticing glimpse into the colourful psyche of Ingram via pristine and jarringly honest lyrics and tumultuous emotive backgrounds. Nothing is discreet with the female singer yet behind the introspective angles there is always a sense of personal secrecy within "Mad Love". There are echoes of Anouk, or Syron and that is something very special indeed. Throughout its duration, this latest track is consolidated by admixtures of seductive blues keying, lazily infused hip-hip bass thuds and saxophone excursions. It screams late-eighties New York romanticism; concrete metropolises dominated by amorous R'n'B vibes and instrumental percolations. It is coppery, gentile, hazy in places but underpinned by rigid lyrical direction. With Elli Ingram, Brighton has another charismatic fledgling artist to be proud of and rightly so.

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08 October 2013


Few bands manage to make a significant impact before an instrument or note is even played at a live show, but for all the difficulties in fostering positive nattering amongst music lovers and journalists alike, Telegram have done precisely that. After sending a drunken iPhone recording to Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs whilst the aforementioned was live on Marc Riley's BBC 6 Music show, the presenter offered them a recording session in Manchester. Things have gone astronomical from there on in. Between the fashionable extroversion and suave fa├žade of this London band, there lies a fascinating approach to making music that meticulously ties together the sinuous works of motorik-laden structures with psych-rock fluidity. "Follow" perfectly demonstrates such qualities and immerses the band in a delightfully noxious TOY meets Temples mix. Telegram convey a well synchronised musical understanding where guitars are funnelled into a distorted outpouring and vocals appear hollowed and scantily dispersed over raging instrumental anarchy. The choruses are hazy, narcotically stained explorations into the band's capabilities fuelled by a hushed artistic egotism that permeates through distorted Kraut-centric layouts, sequinned pop-rock and vicious post-punk guitar ensembles. A calamitous saturation of sounds that shouldn't work on paper, but in fact, it really does. Telegram lead where others should most definitely follow.

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