17 August 2016


UK duo DIICE have already received plaudits from copious online bloggers and an acknowledging nod from Radio 1 as their unique genre blending musings have started to gain some recognition. Like La Roux, AlunaGeorge and Disclosure, this enigmatic pairing sew together diverse sound elements on their latest offering, "Multigold".

Starting off with brooding synth expanses and contorted didgeridoo-esque whirring among the open sequence lulls you towards a sombre noire-tronic affair but this dynamically shifts as new music ideas are lassoed into play; glacial vocals gestate formidably through the soundboard and nudges "Multigold" into an oscillating dubstep ensemble that feels progressive and assured with impactive choruses. Very Claire Maguire meets Jessie Ware we must say. Comparisons aside, it is this continual vein of transition that attracts us to DIICE. Not content with resting on familiarity the pair wander away from their comfort zone once more as their latest record strides forth and funnels abrasive reverb and thudded beats into a slickened pop excursion laced with swooning vocals and enriched digital motions.

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