27 February 2013


Residing in our hometown of Brighton, Kill Moon are a steadfast quartet made up of members Izzy Bee Phillips, Chris Ostler, Tommy Taylor and Tom Dewhurst who have slowly been making a name for themselves on the local music scene. Whispers are abound that this auspicious group are music dynamite; with an edgy matriarch in the form of Izzy Bee Phillips this female fronted ensemble produce compelling music that positively slaps the living daylights out of other more mediocre local bands. It is clear after only one listen of brand new single "Shine" that these Brightonians share a sound that only the upper echelons of female-led gritty indie-rock similarly possess; think along the lines of Savages, VuVuVultures, La Femme, Polica and then you begin to understand the genealogy of their music style. "Shine" starts off with a voracious tempo fuelled by scuzz-glow guitar thwacks and earthen beats that lays down a dysfunctional noise bonanza for ears to feast upon. This latest release allows the coppered seductions of the guitar to do the talking; they harbour a sound that transcends decades, ageless in composition, a sign of a truly talented band. Such dynamism is peppered by the acidic tonal murmurs of Phillips whose vocals are the perfect ingredient for such an underground atmospheric number. Volatile chords, fiery guitars and thrashment drum beats are the key elements to this fantastically produced song and it suggests a great many things from Brighton's very own alt-fuzz indie collective.

Check out the amazing music video for "Shine" below (it has snippets of Thunderbirds in it so that is always a winner in our opinion) then show the guys some support via the links below.




26 February 2013


Brand new and unsigned, synth-pop outfit Ecstasy hail from London and are already creating quite a stir amongst the new music community with their love for pumped-up beats and substantial anthemic sounds. The band have an actively growing Soundcloud fanbase which has grabbed the attention of numerous reviewers enticed by this new wave of electro-pop blood. Possessing a sound similar to that of DWNTWN, Chvrches and Summer Camp, this collective have a very promising year ahead and surely it will come as no surprise to see these guys appear on the line-up of some festivals here in the UK. New release "Frnds 4 Lyf" is a stampeding array of drums, flawless bass grinds and a penchant for inquisitive synth pokes. The whole track is doused in a glorious audio liquid that nuzzles each individual noise into a sweetened package with enough tempo drive to remain pleasant for your listening pleasure. Eventually we are exposed to Ecstasy's hallmark vocal prowess; trickling down amongst the many positive musical inputs is a remarkable set of harmonies that give the chorus a beautiful fluidity, highlighting this single's finer intricacies. The London band make fantastic electro-pop and ensure the UK remains at the forefront of such a genre. We look forward to an EP and tour in the near future (major hint to Ecstasy there).  

Listen to "Frnds 4 Lyf" via the band's Soundcloud below and tell us what you think of this great new band from London.




25 February 2013


Passion Pit had huge success with their eclectic pop monster "Sleepyhead" five years ago. Since then the Cambridge, Massachusetts band have been on a relative back burner here in the UK; their three albums have received many positive comments over the years from avid fans and music experts but they still remain fairly unknown. However, this American band remain a solid force, the fact they are still in the business despite some tumultuous times is testament to their alt-pop standards. Passion Pit have just released their latest single from the album "Gossamer" and it is another gem. "Carried Away" is one huge juxtaposition; the song details the explosive conflicts within relationships whilst set to the backdrop of candyfloss neon beats and adorable synth exasperations. The introduction sequence bounds around as a plethora of whirs, twinkles and fluffy keys interact with an almost noxious air of positivity that belies the songs lyrical narrative. We especially love the chorus simply because it has the right balance between alternative synthesised regalia and commercial pop genes; there is energy and a distinctive vibrancy to "Carried Away" and with plaintive lyrics like "I don't think I know you and I don't think I want to" this track is a credible production that marries tetchy emotions and zealous soundscapes.

Check out the video for "Carried Away" below then drop us a comment and tell us what you think of the band's latest single.




23 February 2013


Once again we find ourselves blogging about another powerful and supremely talented artist to come from Sweden. We first discovered Beatrice Eli over a year ago and the Stockholm starlet joins a long list of fellow countrywomen including Lykke Li, Frida Sundemo and Miriam Bryant who produce outstanding electronic pop fusions and exuberant vocal arrangements. Eli's first release, "The Conqueror" was well received by music critics who were won over by the Swede's moody beats and enticing lyrics; since then the pop entrepreneur has toured with native R'n'B kitten Miguel and knuckled down to finish off her debut album. In the meantime Eli has kindly bridged the waiting gap with her first EP also titled "It's Over" which perfectly demonstrates her illustrious production skills. This latest single is a short wander into an audio world full of imposing razor sharp guitar riffs and brash indie pangs that step aside and allow this sultry Swedish matriarch to work her vocal magic. Raspy jazz chords and sassy intonations enrich this song with a vagabond charm as Beatrice Eli details her ideas of freedom and having a great time through simple yet effective lyrics. Add to that a colossal chorus uprising and golden instrumental patterns to match and you get a brilliant piece of high end Scandinavian pop for us Brits to enjoy.

Check out the music video for "It's Over" and tell us what you think, leave a comment below or go over to our Facebook page and discuss this more. Don't forget to grab Beatrice Eli's debut EP too when it drops on 24th March.




22 February 2013


We blogged about Chvrches in August last year just as they released their grinding electronic smash "Lies". Since then they have showered us in sparkling pop with the delightfully uplifting "The Mother We Share" and to add to that the Glaswegian trio of Lauren, Iain and Martin have gone and bagged themselves a place on the BBC's Sound Of 2013 new music list. No mean feat we assure you. So, with that in mind the intrepid band have a lot to live up to considering the blogosphere hype they have created; their next release carries on where the band left off and fantastically showcases their unique digitalised compositions and jittery pop quirks. "Recover" is another fuzzy excursion into the realms of feel-good sound as majestic synth angles whir upwards with celestial ease as soon as the track commences. It is a well paced thoroughfare that allows various musical interferences to trickle through, most notably the emotionally rendered chords of Lauren Mayberry that stab past the electro frivolities to deliver a retrospective lyrical viewpoint. That in itself makes "Recover" a song with hidden depth. Just delve past the fairground sweetness of bouncing synths and lavish drum beats and you see that there is a raw fragility to this latest single, "And If I recover, will you be my comfort?", Mayberry continually asks. With statuesque choral bouts and fervent musical energy this is another dazzling electro-pop offering from Chvrches.

What do you think of "Recover" as the newest single from Chvrches? Let us know and leave a comment.




21 February 2013


Recently we have seen a plethora of strong female artists emerge and dictate new sounds, genres and directions. You only have to look at the current batch to fully comprehend this fact: Haim, Grimes, Clare Maguire, Azealia Banks. The list is now about to get even longer courtesy of an American all female collective. Based in Texas and New York, Anastasia, Courtney, Kathleen and Jordan make up the wonderfully dark and mesmerising band Feathers. Their debut album "If All Now Here" is out in April and promises to be a kaleidoscopic dive into the realms of moody pop and emotive transcendence. After just one second of hearing the group's first official offering, "Land Of The Innocent" we instantly fell in love with it; straight away hooky synth mantras bound forth into a progressive introduction of imposing beats, spectral whirs and tortuous fuzz stabs. Eventually the girls punctuate the soundboard with a harmonic vocal display; the whole song feels contradictory in a good way; elegant haunting chords are juxtapositioned against macabre electronica and paint a shadowed noise display that is a privilege to listen to. Remaining poised throughout this dynamic track glides along into seamless choral compositions built around the sound of captivating synths and soaring vocals. Light, dark, ethereal, morose, it could be many things but to us, it is a fantastic electro-pop track.

Do you like Feathers? Check out the music video below and remember to buy "Land Of The Innocent" on 4th March. Tell us what you think.




19 February 2013


If you haven't heard of Swim Deep then you have been missing out. The four piece unit consisting of Austin, Cavan, Higgy and Zachary are championing the Birmingham music scene with a genre not often associated with the concrete Midlands utopia: surf-rock, garage-indie, alternative pop. Call it what you want, this band have a distinguishable finesse at producing great tracks like "King City" and "Honey", all with the right inputs to make them stand out from usual chart regurgitations. This year seems like an exceptional year for aspiring talent and Swim Deep continue that trend; having been touted by NME and The Guardian and with a debut album tweaked by Charlie Hugall (Florence And The Machine) these lads are about to join the big guns. "The Sea" instantly strikes you as sounding similar to SPLASHH or Childhood; a sun bleached milieu of hazy guitar caresses and spirited organ links. The introduction is slow to get under way at first but gradually filters musical elements together into a fluttering slow-indie jam that intricately builds with each passing second. We especially love the choruses to "The Sea" which glide along with fluid proficiency and coax jovial drum beats to dance with enlivened guitar pangs. This is euphoric windblown indie-pop that stumbles along without a care in the world and makes you smile on the inside. Now that is an image we like. 

Tell us what you think of Swim Deep's latest venture after watching the music video below.




18 February 2013


Outrageous Camden duo Man Like Me are back with another elaborate and sizzling electro-pop stormer in the form of "Sleaze". The charismatic Londoners of Johnny Langer and Peter Duffy have had a fantastic year having played at a variety of festivals along with producing the phenomenally catchy bubble-synth anthem "Squeeze" and appeared on an interesting little Ikea advert. The band's eagerly anticipated sophomore album "Pillow Talk" is released in early March on The Beats/Cartoon Records and promises to be an incredible venture masterminded by the genius that is Mike Skinner. With a Jessie Ware collaboration also on the album it has all the right ingredients for success. "Sleaze" will be the album's first release; a flirtatious electro fuelled hot-dog of a track oozing eclectic rhythms and sultry computations. Man Like Me's latest offering starts off with an infectious staccato synth layout that has all the hallmarks of a Kylie Minogue number; amongst such exultant sound manipulations there are random tribal-esque squawks and psychedelic funk bursts. The vibrant mixture immediately gives "Sleaze" an identity and highlights the shimmering production values of Langer and Duffy. The pairing's vocal gestures are humorous and dipped in a glossy neon flavour that carries through to a searing chorus of blocked instrumental loops and synthesised excursions. Sleazy doesn't even cover it.

Have a little look at the music video below then tell us what you think and leave us a comment.




16 February 2013


Daisy Tallulah Syron-Russell, or Syron for short, is an incredibly gifted and feisty urban flower whose rise from obscurity over the past twelve months is nothing short of incredible. The nineteen year old Londoner's first release "Breaking" instantly set tongues wagging amongst the tastemaker and blogging communities. Receiving support from Zane Lowe, The XX, Guardian and ID Magazine highlights the popularity and drive behind this relatively new artist and it certainly isn't hard to see why. The urban siren's latest jaunt sidesteps away from her initial nineties skew and mires itself in slow-jam reggaetron and fizzling pop tendencies. It is a great little song indeed. "Here" commences with an array of distorted sound-twitch warbles, building a solid foundation for Syron's axiomatically piercing vocals; seeped in a veritable warmth each lyric is humble and rooted with a positive vibe. This latest single saunters along amidst bubbly synth pockets and Kingston dance-hall hues. It is a carefree musical agenda with no underlying negativity or construed back stories. This is about going out and having fun and sometimes songs work best when the recipe is kept simple. Rising Ibiza strings and an enigmatic chorus carry the song along rather nicely making it feel distinctly Cover Drive meets Rita Ora in places. "Here" is definitely where we want to be. 

Check out the music video below for "Here" then tell us what you think and post a comment or two.




14 February 2013


Despite the Welsh intonation, the fledgling trio of Blaenavon actually hail from Hampshire and formed in the last few months of 2011. Having peppered the online community with a handful of interviews and features it is clear the band are still relatively new to the circuit. They have a juvenile irreverence and witty charm that gives the guys some personality and edge compared to older musicians who may abstain from such rambunctious attitudes. Blaenavon surpass their combined years too when it comes to making music. We are not being patronising when we say their music is far more established than what you may think when you look at a photo of the fresh faced teens. As you know, we like a good subversive angle that shakes things up a little and following in the footsteps of Spector, The 1975 and The New Union, Blaenavon offer a new slant on the indie genre. "Into The Night" is one of those tracks that is crescendo building; the introductory sequence is fuelled by bronzed guitar frivolities and lackadaisical vocal overlays that lulls people into a moody sense of relaxation. Filtering additional layers of sound and notching up the tempo as the song proceeds gives an added kick of energy that is welcomed; the alt-pop qualities become diluted in favour of warming indie strides where guitars, drums and fluid vocals interact. With fervent choruses aplenty this latest offering meets expectations and delivers a prime slice of alternative indie-pop.

What do you think of "Into The Night" and Blaenavon? Let us know and leave a little comment.





Salt Ashes is from our hometown of Brighton. This humble Georgian paradise is famed for the likes of Fatboy Slim, Bat For Lashes and The XX but what we lack is a powerful female who produces well executed satin-pop infusions. Not anymore. We are very excited about Salt Ashes; she is the music drug that Brighton has been ravenously craving for and this year promises big things. Think of Kylie Minogue, Queen Of Hearts, Niki And The Dove, Natasha Khan and Beatrice Eli all rolled into one. That is an incredible mix and Salt Ashes cleverly borrows the aforementioned's nuances and sculpts it into a unique disco-savvy musical alloy. Her cover of Depeche Mode's 1986 hit "Black Celebration" has ignited the blogosphere but we are more enthralled by her cybernetic slow-amp pop sizzler "If You Let Me Go". Starting off with angular eighties beats and pulsating electronic smudges this track immediately submerges into a viscous neon bath of soundboard genius. Salt Ashes' Kate bush utterances and glacial vocalisations pierce the background music with vivid precision and lead into a chorus that is packed full of energy and harmonic verve. The lyrics feel almost heated; dipped in a blackened emotive psyche shattered over vibrant musical landscapes. The entire single is some phantasmagorical thoroughfare of perfect noire-pop and electronica that finds itself in the same vein as high end Scandinavian productions. This is pop on a contemporary, reinvented level and Salt Ashes is a pioneer in the UK market for such a thing. We cannot wait to hear more from this vivacious pop siren. 

Check out "If You Let Me Go" via the Soundcloud below then tell us what you think and leave a comment or two. You can also download "Black Celebration" for free via Salt Ashes' Facebook on March 20th.





We are aware that Bastille aren't exactly new. The London band have spent the last two years touring, playing festivals, attending gigs and all that goes in between; few bands have managed to ensnare so many new fans along the way but Bastille buck such trends. So, for those who are clueless to this promising collective, let us briefly fill you in. Bastille formed in 2010 as a solo project by Dan Smith. Eventually along came members Chris Wood, Kyle Simmons and Will Farquarson. They called themselves Bastille as lead member Dan was born on Bastille Day. Their album "Bad Blood" is out in March and they have just been announced for Brighton's Great Escape Festival. Their brand of sequinned indie-pop is ridiculously infectious and rather nicely fills the gap where Friendly Fires and Delphic once were. "Pompeii" is a fusion of repetitive mantra bleats and rich tribal chants covered by a drizzling of synthesised wonderment. The track's opening is spearheaded by indecisive honking digitalism and uneven drum beats all whilst Smith's nasalised yet perfectly crisp vocals percolate down through the heavier instrumentals. The choruses explode into your ear canal; rousing music thunderstorms of synth-clad indie and boisterous pop paint a perfect picture. Indeed, with tracks like "Pompeii" it is no surprise that Bastille are becoming ever more popular.

Watch the music video for "Pompeii" below then let us know what you think and leave a comment.





13 February 2013


We love Py. Simple as that. Hitchin's dazzling songstress who now resides in London first popped up on our radar early last year and since then she has honed her style and sought a strong music direction. This year looks sets to be action packed as Py announces the release of her "Tripping On Wisedom" mixtape along with a fresh EP via the Sounds Of Sumo label; surely it will only be a matter of time before this exciting matriarch becomes a more spoken name on the circuit. "Black Magic" filtered out late last year but we love the track so much that we just have to talk about it here and now. Starting off with a harrowing din of prolonged keys and electronic murmurs funnels this track into a blackened realm of noise. The only light visible is the crystalline shards of harmony that Py brings to the mix. Leading into the choral build up is a strong, effervescent loop of dope-trance beats and sauntering urban waves; we see elements of Grimes, The 14th and Katy B dancing around Py's own unique trepidations. Packing a tribal rhythm into the background whilst soulful vocals work their magic elsewhere gives an air of mystery to this single and casts angular music shadows across typical pop foundations. Py has a great knack at making music and this track perfectly showcases her dynamic edge.

Check out the music video below then tell us what you think. Does Py's latest effort get the thumbs up?





James Bay is an artist who possesses that untarnished strain of talent that many newcomers lose as they develop over time. His raw expressions and gravelled voice work in a magical unison that captivates audiences and strips pop melodies back to a skeletal efficiency. The young singer-songwriter hails from Hitchin near Luton and has already gained a great reputation thanks to stints at London's Camden Barfly and the Notting Hill Arts Club. With distant echoes to work by Dry The River and Chet Faker this young man sits in good company when it comes to making sincere folk-pop ditties brimming with lyrical intrigue and morose instrumentals. "Stealing Cars" epitomises James Bay as an artist. It is a song of clarity; tentative guitars comfort the musing drip-drops of twinkled sound amongst efficacious harmonies. Bay makes music from his heart and his head. Simple as that. There is a story behind the lyrics that feels almost regretful or forlorn; "Before our hearts go up in flames, let's go throwing stones and stealing cars". This emotive ambience carries the song through with a gentle pooling sensation where slow-warp folk and dusty pop alternativism sidle by hand in hand to provide nearly four minutes of musical bliss. 

Tell us what you think of "Stealing Cars" and leave a comment below or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.




12 February 2013


Everyone loves a thumping slab of energetic dance music from time to time but the era of digitalised lung crushing tech-scapes seems a distant memory. However, there has been a commercially skewed renaissance recently thanks in part to the likes of David Guetta and Calvin Harris whose languid collaborations frequently lack attention to detail or resourceful depth. Zedd is an artist who sews a fine line between sugary pop and enterprising musicianship. Having Coachella and Creamfields under his belt there is no denying Zedd has a renowned production ethic. His latest single "Clarity" simmers gently to expansive keyboard chimes and warming vocal reflections courtesy of the delightful Foxes and her haunting Sia-esque chords. Using the alt-pop vixen's salutary harmonies compliments the heavier dance amalgams to generate a track of smoothed introductions and explosive choruses. Synths scream and twist into thunderous beats and a pulsating bass line to give "Clarity" a combustive drive. There is a strand of extra thought gone into this song compared to the usual 'Guetta fodder'. The lyrics are sincere and occasionally retrospective; Zedd's classical background coats this song with a high production aesthetic and in doing so creates an electro-dance monster that we absolutely adore.

Check out the music video and tell us what you think of Zedd's latest effort below. Does it get the thumbs up? Let us know.



07 February 2013


It feels pretty strange to be consecutively blogging about two different music acts that both reside in the 'Windy City' of Chicago, but this is how things go and by sheer coincidence we heard Hey Champ's latest single straight after we had reviewed On And On and just had to do a post about it. Sam, Jonathan and Pete have had a strong presence on the global music market now for well over five years thanks to their swooping disco-tronic soundboards and Franco-house rhythms. The band have more recently worked with Eliot James (Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party) so there is talent behind the production as well as from the band itself. This year has started off well with their latest single "Cliché" reaching third on Hype Machine's much touted charts and it isn't hard to see why. The band sprinkle a European glaze of whirring synths and neon dance characteristics over their latest offering making it feel very Futurecop! meets Tim And Jean; fuelled by a reliably warbling back beat gives "Cliché" a steady discotheque predictability and allows synths and any other funk-fused electronica to meander in and out with strobe light precision. Adding a polished set of vocals gives this vibrant ensemble a deep rooted pop ethos that carries the track lightly through from the start into each glossy chorus right up till the end. "Cliché" is infectious, impressive and showcases that Americans can do it just as well as their European counterparts.

Listen to Hey Champ's latest single below and tell us what you think by leaving a comment.



01 February 2013


On And On are a three piece originating from Chicago and Minneapolis who formed after each individual had explored their own music direction and came together by sharing similar tastes. After the initial success of their first single "Ghosts" the band have just released their debut LP titled "Give In" via Roll Call Records. This second offering stands out as a chrome tinted eruption of vocoded sound channelling and anthemic bashment full of energy and iron weight. We see a similarity to Avec Sans or Carousel but laced with a rockier gene. The introductory sequence to "The Hunter" is an immediate thoroughfare of mystical synthesising and electronic enthusiasm with enough gusto behind it to get a stadium sized crowd off their feet and moving. On And On indulge themselves with a viscous blend of computational bleeps, permeating vocal wails and thunderous drum beats that makes the whole song feel inspiring and driven. Take note, when the sound filters momentarily sidle off we see a different angle to "The Hunter", one of robust lyrics that appear simple but emotively transparent, "I get what I came for 'cause that's all you can give". On and On give us a rousing scuzz-soaked number fuelled with electronic vibrancy and tumbling soundscapes that we cannot help but love.

Check out the music video for "The Hunter" below and then leave a comment and tell us what you think.




After the bout of miserable weather we have had recently it comes as a welcome surprise to hear "For Something In Your Eyes". Signed to Zimbalam/Believe Digital the three piece from France have created a beautiful facet of indie-pop with hints of Gallic flare and bopping instrumentals. Based in Brighton The Dancers have had a great 2012 with performances at festivals like Les Francofolies and supporting bands like Pony Pony Run Run. This year is shaping up nicely for the French trio with their debut single set for digital release on March 18th after receiving positive critique. "For Something In Your Eyes" reminds us of Givers or Skinny Lister, with hints of Vampire Weekend for good measure. However, this band go out on a limb and bleach out the preparatory feel in favour of twinkling musical regalia and a warm façade. The introduction starts off with an arcade mesh of honks and synth trumpets, sounding like a seventies tunnel of tropical beats and contented rhythms that dance around your auditory senses. A jovial chorus cuddles the instrumentals like a best friend and evokes happy thoughts between harmonic vocal peaks and copper tinged guitar interplay. This debut is joyful and excitable; even the most grumpy of festival goers couldn't possibly resist a restrained tap of the foot in the presence of such simple yet utterly fun music.

Check out "For Something In Your Eyes" teaser video below and tell us what you think, leave a comment.