19 February 2013


If you haven't heard of Swim Deep then you have been missing out. The four piece unit consisting of Austin, Cavan, Higgy and Zachary are championing the Birmingham music scene with a genre not often associated with the concrete Midlands utopia: surf-rock, garage-indie, alternative pop. Call it what you want, this band have a distinguishable finesse at producing great tracks like "King City" and "Honey", all with the right inputs to make them stand out from usual chart regurgitations. This year seems like an exceptional year for aspiring talent and Swim Deep continue that trend; having been touted by NME and The Guardian and with a debut album tweaked by Charlie Hugall (Florence And The Machine) these lads are about to join the big guns. "The Sea" instantly strikes you as sounding similar to SPLASHH or Childhood; a sun bleached milieu of hazy guitar caresses and spirited organ links. The introduction is slow to get under way at first but gradually filters musical elements together into a fluttering slow-indie jam that intricately builds with each passing second. We especially love the choruses to "The Sea" which glide along with fluid proficiency and coax jovial drum beats to dance with enlivened guitar pangs. This is euphoric windblown indie-pop that stumbles along without a care in the world and makes you smile on the inside. Now that is an image we like. 

Tell us what you think of Swim Deep's latest venture after watching the music video below.




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