31 December 2012


Royksopp are synonymous with creating mystical electronica and contemporary noise realms. The Norwegian duo have been making music for a significant period of time that spans well over a decade in the business. No mean feat these days we can assure you. Despite the cyclical nature of niche genres Royksopp have stayed true to their sound and honed it to fit current musical trends with an icy finesse that leaves their fellow counterparts falling wayward. Progressing from the ambient ripples of previous albums "Junior" and "Senior", "Running To The Sea" is the their latest single that incorporates all the recognised traits of such Nordic production; uncluttered, seamless and exquisite. Sven and Tjorborn tentatively caress ivory keys in the opening sequence to paint a landscape of stand alone piano riffs that lull people into thinking that this song is all about wafting moods and sombre instrumentals. That assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Crisp and piercing, Sundfor's glassy vocals act as the perfect tonic amongst Royksopp's minimal portraits by encouraging the tempo to nudge this track into a fantastical world of precise beats and tessellating electro thumps. Royksopp ensure this latest offering has a momentous chorus spurred along by astral synth bleeps and morose lyrical pools with enough emotion to make "Running To The Sea" a track full of depth and interpretive musing.

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23 December 2012


They have been around for a long time now and the Girls' Generation train shows no signs of stopping having sold millions of singles and albums, acquiring mammoth hits on social sites such as Youtube and developing a vociferously loyal fanbase. The K-Pop phenomenon is as strong now as it has ever been. Some hard-nosed music critics will always dismiss K-Pop as tacky and heavily manufactured, which in a way it very well is. What stands bands like SHINee, 2NE1 and Girls' Generation out from UK acts like Girls Aloud and JLS is the effort put in. The production values, the harmonious sound play and the artistic exuberance makes K-Pop enjoyable and forward-thinking, pushing chart pop boundaries and re-inventing new aspects to the package. Girls' Generation are testament to such qualities and "Flower Power" is the nine-strong group's latest single that showcases their edgy nuances to full effect. Pulsating, grinding and overly saturated with clonking electro thuds and discordant bass static. Those are the ingredients that make "Flower Power" such a fantastic track for anyone with a pop orientated mindset. Add the succulent flutter of group vocals and street-savvy female slow-raps and you get a gigantic pop song that is delightfully fun, stuffed full with a rambunctious chorus and productions that grab your full attention.

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We often find a male female duality provides a unique musical foundation to perfect a sound, a song and a particular direction. Elsa Fourlon and Julien Decoret are a brilliant example at how opposing genders can funnel the wild nature of musical experimentation into a polished electro-pop effort that is ridiculously catchy. Having a background in classical music has allowed both Fourlon and Decoret to really understand one another and submerse their music with a velvety richness that only nostalgic instruments can conjure up. The duo's last single "Your Girl" received positive responses from the online community so serving up "Cardiogram" as the next single seems like the right thing to do. Oceanic purrs and gritty bass croaks meander between cavernous techno bleeps to produce a very dynamic package. Seamlessly delivered from start to end and topped off with a hooky chorus, the French outfit have another slick electro-pop track to add to their catalogue. Fourlon's inquisitive vocal murmurs have a Goldfrapp, Roisin Murphy tinged frivolity that makes "Cardiogram" a brassy pop number bursting with cool Franco vibes and neon spice. Such a delicious array of sounds provides an exciting platform on which the two can build their vision and showcase it to the world.

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22 December 2012


IYES are fresh off the press, brand new and gleaming. We are very excited about the duo of Josh and Melis simply because their milky slow-warped electro R'n'B is absolutely magnificent and refreshing. In only a couple of months the Brighton duo have already sculpted a sound so perfect in every minuscule detail that we would put money on it that there will be many an established artist scratching their heads at how these two have produced such a quality sound. Minimal, transparent and sombre, "Lighthouse" is a fluid piece of music stripped of fanciful noise boards and indulgent editing. The introduction is full of tentative warbles and desolate electro peaks that gradually interlock and build up to a wonderful chorus of onyx poise and stoic resilience. While we know everyone will automatically label IYES as a new The XX, there is a very obvious harmonic balance shared between both acts and the dynamic array of genre inputs suggests a very James Blake/Niki And The Dove methodology to music. "Lighthouse" is a sublime track that trickles down the ear canal and gently nuzzles against your aural senses over and over till the last beat is dropped. Who could protest at such an offer? We certainly wouldn't. This Brighton band have a lot of promise indeed, their smooth realms of music are a welcome distraction from the numbing effects of the everyday routine and we welcome such a sound with open arms.

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Despite having worked with Madonna and despite the fact they been producing psychedelic pop packed full of brazen electronic affections for several years, this Stockholm based four-piece that consists of Tommy, Peter, Henrik and Henrik (yes you read that right, two Henriks) still managed to slip under our radar. The Amplifetes describe their latest album, "Where Is The Light?" as being fuelled by an old Pink Floyd mixing console, an addictive relationship with analogue machinery and setting such craftsmanship to the backdrop of dense Nordic forests. It sounds like a dynamic mix, but does it really tick all the boxes? Most definitely. Their newest single "You/Me/Evolution" is a track primed with exquisite pop credentials and dissected beats. From the offset, the introduction treats us to a parallel dimension of staccato bleeps and warbling noise manipulation that will no doubt conjure up similarities to Hot Chip or Miike Snow. Each punchy chorus is a smorgasbord of techno delights that builds to a crescendo of raucous bass-lines and juggernaut synth menace. "You/Me/Evolution" grinds down each musical facet into a sculpted display of prismatic, intelligent sound that paves a new road for electro-pop full of excitement and slick Swedish production. The Amplifetes show that once again that Scandinavians know how to make music and who are we argue otherwise.

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We hadn't heard about this young musician until her charming debut single "Boy" popped up the other day so let us fill you in on any gaps that you may have missed. Eighteen year old Nina Nesbitt is something of an internet sensation having gained a loyal army of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in a mere matter of months thanks to her personal nature and openness. The Nirvana and Abba loving Nesbitt has already supported Rizzle Kicks and produced an album alongside Jake Gosling who is famed for Paloma Faith's success. The inspired starlet from Edinburgh has reinvented the mediocre pop genes of late and injected them with a voluptuous dose of spongy guitar pangs, curt ivory keying and a kickdrum dash of energy. Her raspy tones chortle along at a comfortable tempo to make "Boy" a confident track peppered with Ellie Goulding utterances and KT Tunstall sensibility. Weaving animated pop and nimble acoustics together as the foundations for "Boy" highlights the skill of Nesbitt to produce functional music with purpose, character and bubbly reverence that people are quickly catching on to and enjoying. 

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17 December 2012


The beautiful London duo of Eli and Fur have been kicking up an electronic storm with their brand of techno-house over the last couple of years. Having supported Alex Metric amongst others, it comes as no surprise that they are developing a loyal fanbase. The computational sirens have chosen "Tonight" as the third release off of their home-grown record label NYX. By teaming up with the entrepreneurial South London production collective of BretonLABS, they have conjured up an oscillating monster of a track full of swirling bass lines and rhythmic satin beats that define this clubland masterpiece from the very beginning. A shattered mixture of Miike Snow sound manipulation meets Smith and Thell vocal harmonies ensures a continental neon lacquer to this track that belies its British orchestration. "Tonight" is an energetic wander into the techno-tronic wilderness where crunching noises mix with hazy vocal fantasies to generate a pulsing world of sound. Thankfully Eli and Fur have brought back a style of music that needed removing from the shelf, dusting off and to be played once more. 

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You should all know by now that we have a penchant for Swedish music and Stockholm youngster Alina is another charismatic newcomer who fits the bill nicely. The Swedish fireball is still very young; all bright eyed and full of innocence you could say. We love her gusto approach to making music too and having already worked with esteemed producer Christoffer Wikberg her debut album "Marathon" manipulates the bubbly side of pop with zorbing streaks of bass and pulsating electro veins. We reckon if X-Factor cretin Cher Lloyd had actually used her head, she would of gone in the direction of Alina; something raw, untamed and brooding. "Jag Svär" has a thrombotic structure that slides into a thumping chorus of brash vocals and Berlin tech-scapes. Tinged with emotion, this latest single showcases Devecerski's slick production talents where sung chords ride along with arrow-tipped stealth to create a thoughtful and punchy pop drama. We for one, cannot wait to hear more.

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Chvrches burst onto the scene back in the spring with their debut track "Lies" that slammed heavy synth leanings into crunching beats and electro menace. We blogged about the Glaswegian trio back in August (check out the review here) and since then the teaming of Iain Cook, Lauren Mayberry and Martin Doherty have made it onto the BBC Sound of 2013 longlist. Quite an achievement in one year. Chvrches official release "The Mother We Share" nuzzles against softer sentiments; a cloudy thoroughfare of synth-glitter vocals, shimmering electro breezes and melting keys that reminds us of Avec Sans and San Cisco. Mayberry's vocals gleam vibrantly over a refreshing instrumental backdrop providing rock solid pop credentials for future endeavours. If the band keep up this effort of cute, reflective melodies every corner of the world will be smothered in cloudy realms of pop. We love this latest offering from Scotland's new kids of electro-pop and absolutely cannot wait for the next cut. Visit the band's Facebook and view the music video below. 

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How on earth did this volcanic maiden of fresh urban numbers escape our attention for so long? Seriously, how? The feisty Little Nikki is young, exuberant and full of creative zest for the London resident has a sharp knack for writing and producing fiery joints of angular city-pop and cranked up electro fusions. With a keen set of shoulders this motivated UK matriarch perfectly slots into the market between New York's finest, Azealia Banks and fellow Brit newcomer NY. "Intro Intro" is a tantalising slalom ride of angst strewn beats, vortex whomps of sound, imposing garage bass lines and mantra vocal explosions. A track like this is bound to rip up the dancefloor and create a cataclysmic array of noise for all to feast on. Follow Little Nikki on Facebook for all her latest news and check out the "Intro Intro" music video below.

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Yes, you heard right, Owl By Night is back after an extended break over the last two weeks. We have been musing over the direction of this blog, what we want to achieve and how we are going to do it. Indeed we have been consulting business marketers and industry experts alike for wise advice in how to move this blog forward and ensure you guys, the followers, get the best new music as quickly as possible in a format that works for everyone. So we are going to implement a series of changes that should provide you with a better, more consistent service.

New layout and logo - We have ditched the old layout that was rather dark and dreary for a fresh minimalist layout, clutter-free and easier to read. We have a new logo too that adds character to our humble blog page and column alignments will resume back to the left-hand side as opposed to being central on the page (it makes for easier reading we find). 

New style of posts - After much consultation and consideration it is clear that you guys prefer succinct, concise reviews with energy and pep so we are going to minimise our review lengths so you can get the perfect dose of written text, opinions, ideas and interest amongst the videos and photos that will feature more prominently on Owl By Night. The titles of our reviews are also being shelved. "Something To Hoot About" is going to be laid to rest for a simpler review approach. "NEW MUSIC - ", "NEW ALBUM -" and anything else of a similar nature will be included in titles along with the artist being mentioned; double exposure, efficient writing, the combination is just more slick and better entertainment. 

More posts - We realise now that blogging about multiple bands in one post can be draining on the eyes so we are only going to blog about one band or artist at a time at a more regular pace so you get fresh new music on a frequent basis, think of us as a loyal and trusted online friend who is there to provide new sounds for you. 

So as they say on any taxiing plane, "Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride".

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