17 December 2012



Yes, you heard right, Owl By Night is back after an extended break over the last two weeks. We have been musing over the direction of this blog, what we want to achieve and how we are going to do it. Indeed we have been consulting business marketers and industry experts alike for wise advice in how to move this blog forward and ensure you guys, the followers, get the best new music as quickly as possible in a format that works for everyone. So we are going to implement a series of changes that should provide you with a better, more consistent service.

New layout and logo - We have ditched the old layout that was rather dark and dreary for a fresh minimalist layout, clutter-free and easier to read. We have a new logo too that adds character to our humble blog page and column alignments will resume back to the left-hand side as opposed to being central on the page (it makes for easier reading we find). 

New style of posts - After much consultation and consideration it is clear that you guys prefer succinct, concise reviews with energy and pep so we are going to minimise our review lengths so you can get the perfect dose of written text, opinions, ideas and interest amongst the videos and photos that will feature more prominently on Owl By Night. The titles of our reviews are also being shelved. "Something To Hoot About" is going to be laid to rest for a simpler review approach. "NEW MUSIC - ", "NEW ALBUM -" and anything else of a similar nature will be included in titles along with the artist being mentioned; double exposure, efficient writing, the combination is just more slick and better entertainment. 

More posts - We realise now that blogging about multiple bands in one post can be draining on the eyes so we are only going to blog about one band or artist at a time at a more regular pace so you get fresh new music on a frequent basis, think of us as a loyal and trusted online friend who is there to provide new sounds for you. 

So as they say on any taxiing plane, "Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride".

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