07 August 2014


The continually well mannered Azealia Banks (note the sarcasm) has had quite a tumultuous career: numerous Twitter spats, constant corporate interference and an album that never materialised. Finally the pugnacious matriarch has cast the shackles aside and parted ways with her record label and already the New Yorker has a fantastic slab of sleazy urban bass that'll make your senses grimace.

"Heavy Metal And Reflective" is a foreboding onslaught of whirring sound contortions, frenetic horns and underground beats. It is a sickeningly perfect return for Banks that fuses salacious grime movements to a recurring dance hook. There is an obvious stupor courtesy of Azealia's mesmeric tonal behaviourisms that nudges this single along: purrs, kissed teeth, veiled attitude, slick vocals and forthright rap. Banks has covered all bases whilst ensuring this latest effort feels darker compared to her previous experimental mixtapes. "Heavy Metal And Reflective" remains energised throughout, feeling decidedly similar to M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls". Perfect. Urban. Anthem. 

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The sibling ensemble of Georgia and Caleb have been very busy of late: festivals, gigs, support slots aplenty. Everything is on the up for the two from New Zealand and deservedly so. We first blogged about the smouldering BROODS back in February this year after their phenomenal jaunt "Bridges" bubbled up onto the internet and received notable plaudits. Now the pair have "Mother And Father" ready.

The Auckland outfit have teamed up with producer Joel Little, better known for working with teenage prodigy and fellow Kiwi Lorde to create a slow-whomp electronic monster. Steadfast beats give an unspoken sense of solidarity and forward motion as Georgia's heavenly vocals effervesce and permeate the instrumental foundations laid down by brother Caleb. Each chorus is an enchanting melange of sound as synths pulsate and keys trickle across the soundboard. Keep Shelley In Athens in places, Purity Ring in others. BROODS through and through; another excellent lead that promises much from the duo's debut album "Evergreen".

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