09 April 2015


Fledgling three piece RIVRS only started producing music late last year but already the London darlings of Charlotte, Fin and Fred have nurtured a sound that feels extremely developed and assured, belying their short gestation period as a band. Few can muster such efforts (Breton, Syron, Only Real, Say Lou Lou), therefore the trio sit amongst good company.

Already, RIVRS have tantalised the French powerhouse that is Kitsune (to which their latest records finds itself) as well as being championed by 6 Music's Lauren Laverne. No mean feat indeed. "Last Love" is a viscous indulgence in noire-scape aural explorations; towers of synthesised wonderment generate a sense of space and allow the musical canvas to take shape from the offset. Charlotte's soaring vocals are part ethereal, part bloodstained, seeped in a pang of anguish between hollowed digital agitations and swooning choruses. BROODS meets IYES in one slithering pool of electro mood-pop. Perfectly emotive, perfectly balanced in an auditory sense. RIVRS are onto a winner.

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It has been a long time coming but finally Sweden's Ester Ideskog has got some new music for us to feast upon. Better known under the moniker of Vanbot and widely recognised as the natural predecessor to fellow compatriot Robyn, the electro-pop vixen has been vehemently working on new material and by all accounts it looks like the wait was most definitely worth it.

Ideskog has retained all the superb traits that originally caught our attention and helped her to stand out from an overly saturated solo female market. Her comprehension towards music and the seamless ease at utilising producer, vision and finished masterpiece is nothing short of inspiring. "Seven" is another progressive step in itself, cementing the aforementioned and enforcing the blueprint further: eclectic percussion, rousing synths, intermittent soundboard glitches, icily pitched vocals and succinct lyrical purpose. Hauntingly accurate in places, jagged in others; a culmination of emotive outpouring mixed with dexterous musical composition that maintains its pop essence courtesy of bolstered choruses and shimmered digitalism. Typical Vanbot.

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08 April 2015


Upon first hearing Bristol pop vixen Florence Arnold a.k.a Florrie over four years ago we have always had an affectionate soft spot for the young and dynamic songstress. Her thoughtful pop mannerisms, artistic nous and visual aesthetic have always challenged stale conventions and made pop music exciting again.

Despite being a few months old already, "Too Young To Remember" harbours a sense of longevity as cleverly orchestrated melodies and sweetheart adolescence permeate the musical landscape. Released in combination with fashion retailer H&M this latest offering details all the hallmarks of cutesy nineties pop; pitched choruses, stamping beats and lashings of rambunctious clout. Drizzle some vibrant eighties nostalgia on top and you have a superbly organised track courtesy of our dear Florrie. It's like Yelle meets Clueless on the set of Top Of The Pops. Awesome.

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05 April 2015


The year 1994 served as a defining moment in contemporary French music, it was the year the electronic maestro Hugo Pierre Leclercq, known mononymously as Madeon was born. At only fifteen the creative mind of the youngster from Nantes turned heads and garnered attention immediately and only now has the anticipated debut album "Adventure" surfaced. 

"Innocence" is an intriguing offering from Madeon; the haphazard clicks, inquisitive bleeps and boisterous energy we are accustomed to takes a polite side step in favour of rousing choral skyscrapers, woozy electronic interludes and cosmological lyric interplay. Staccato beats and interchanging tempo moods dictate the nature of "Innocence" and perfectly compliment the vocal sensibilities of the formidable UK duo Aquilo. This is very M83, very Broods but crucially, still intrinsically Madeon. Everything doesn't quite gel, the lacquer is not quite smooth, but that is essentially Madeon's joker of the pack and we love him all the more for it.

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03 April 2015


Now Azealia has been given the creative and artistic freedom since ditching the shackles of her former record label her eagerly anticipated album "Broke With Expensive Taste" has served up the precise concoction of gritty Harlem angst, intellectual hybridisation of genres and an intrepid mindset. Banks continually surprises and this latest jaunt is no different.

"Ice Princess" is another spectacular waddle from the Banks blueprint, or it is? Every time we think we have this matriarch sussed she goes and shifts the proverbial goalposts; whether it is directive styling, lyrical punch, music composition. There is always metamorphosis and that is how Azealia Banks works. This single is a thrifty ensemble of chilling beats and cut throat slow-rap that pummels your ears with sensibility and tenacious wit. By scooping out the aural meat of Morgan Paige's "In The Air" and sprinkling glitter-ball dance rhythm with zorbing bass lines ensures that Banks' latest cut typifies her musical expression.

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