08 April 2015


Upon first hearing Bristol pop vixen Florence Arnold a.k.a Florrie over four years ago we have always had an affectionate soft spot for the young and dynamic songstress. Her thoughtful pop mannerisms, artistic nous and visual aesthetic have always challenged stale conventions and made pop music exciting again.

Despite being a few months old already, "Too Young To Remember" harbours a sense of longevity as cleverly orchestrated melodies and sweetheart adolescence permeate the musical landscape. Released in combination with fashion retailer H&M this latest offering details all the hallmarks of cutesy nineties pop; pitched choruses, stamping beats and lashings of rambunctious clout. Drizzle some vibrant eighties nostalgia on top and you have a superbly organised track courtesy of our dear Florrie. It's like Yelle meets Clueless on the set of Top Of The Pops. Awesome.

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