17 August 2016


UK duo DIICE have already received plaudits from copious online bloggers and an acknowledging nod from Radio 1 as their unique genre blending musings have started to gain some recognition. Like La Roux, AlunaGeorge and Disclosure, this enigmatic pairing sew together diverse sound elements on their latest offering, "Multigold".

Starting off with brooding synth expanses and contorted didgeridoo-esque whirring among the open sequence lulls you towards a sombre noire-tronic affair but this dynamically shifts as new music ideas are lassoed into play; glacial vocals gestate formidably through the soundboard and nudges "Multigold" into an oscillating dubstep ensemble that feels progressive and assured with impactive choruses. Very Claire Maguire meets Jessie Ware we must say. Comparisons aside, it is this continual vein of transition that attracts us to DIICE. Not content with resting on familiarity the pair wander away from their comfort zone once more as their latest record strides forth and funnels abrasive reverb and thudded beats into a slickened pop excursion laced with swooning vocals and enriched digital motions.

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14 July 2016


We first mentioned HUNTAR at the beginning of last year after the South-East Londoner dropped the swooning R'n'B hit "All That I Want" that channelled elements of Jamie XX meets James Blake. HUNTAR however, had a greater tenacity compared to his genre compatriots, and once again he astounds us with polished beats and gritty pop ensembles.

The solo artist who has recently supported The Hunna in Glasgow, is unashamedly sincere and candid in his approach to internal feelings and everyday life, all of which of course, is conveyed through his music. "4AM" is a furtive step towards punchy urban conventions whereby jagged beats and toughened digital movements lay down a pulsing rhythm; straying from the comfort zone of HUNTAR's previous excursions, this latest slab dabbles into a cauldron of effervescent synth currents and orchestrated soundboard details. In between all of the musical goings on the Londoner manages to inject a strain of progressive energy and gnarled ardour within his vocalities and therefore embellishes his lyrics with a profound degree of honesty. Something that is relatable and on point for the listener.

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Carla Cappa has been piquing interest among music journalists and bloggers alike thanks in part to her slick pop tendencies and succinct lyrical assertiveness. The Nashville resident has already honoured us with previous works of genius such as "Goddess" and now this new matriarchal purveyor of pop gifts us "I'm Good".

You can tell that Cappa has something to say. This latest sizzler from the American starlet is dictated primarily by the direct and acidic nature of the lyrics being sung. The structure of the track in its entirety hangs off the well angled cheek bones of those snarled words with bravado and pugnacity. Sharply emitting lines such as "If you get someone else to go, you should, 'Cause I'm good, I'm good" brings about an air of independence based on previous emotive nausea; truncated veins of angst bleed across a fervent dose of electronic reverb and Scandi-pop nuances. Breathy in places, heftily rousing in others, Cappa manages to sew together the best elements of CHVRCHES and Van Bot whilst splurging a preppy Americanised sense of energy and individualism between choruses and lyrics.

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09 July 2016


Well there is no real explanatory introduction needed here; Adam Lambert, American Idol stalwart, Queen Tour lead singer and collaborator, advocate for LGBTQ and human rights amongst many other attributes. The US singer's latest single "Welcome To The Show" was penned in between shows during his The Original High Tour and has got us very excited.

Adam Lambert has this absolute understanding of his musical craft. It has taken time and many a retrospective thought but there was always this uncontainable creativeness that just needed to be cultivated within his productions. With this intrinsic and refreshingly sagacious knowledge, Lambert has constructed "Welcome To The Show". A brooding concoction of laden piano keys and crystalline vocal strength etched across a naked sound canvas that absorbs both organic and digitalised instrumental layering to build solid foundations. Expansive maneuverability allows Lambert's frangible lyrics to permeate between the background noises and soar upwards. The frenetic splices of Laleh's audio tones generates a punchy juxtaposition of male female harmonic mantras that builds towards a crescendo of frittered synths, swooning human notes and rousing instrumentation. A perfect contemporary pop ballad.

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Local Natives had been rather quiet since their second album "Hummingbird" dropped in 2013. Since then the band have teased and tortured fans with a prolonged return to the fore but finally the outfit from Los Angeles have mustered together a throbbing indie-pop number in the form of "Villainy" that was debuted on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show last month.

According to members Taylor Rice and Ryan Hahn, they conceived the song whilst on a flight coming back from a festival and it is evident from listening to their latest work that their creativity was soaring high. "Villainy" is a swooning collective of beach surf reverberations, and cosmic harmonies that tantalises and meanders between cooing piano keys and an indulgent bout of synthesising intricacies. Maintaining a near constant pace gives stability for each instrumental piece and allows the track to smoothly gallop along amid a veritable sea of hazy musical soundscapes and festival anthem bravado. Local Natives' ability to notch up a dynamic equilibrium where celestial-pop dances seamlessly with rapturous indie genetics is nothing short of inspiring and "Villainy" is the perfect example of such talents.

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