19 February 2014


The psych-grunge movement has become increasingly proliferative within Brighton lately: Tiger Cub, Demob Happy and Kill Moon have established a strong circuit but what we have lacked, as a city, is a bold pop sound filled with alternative quirks and genre blending experimentation. Thankfully that looks set to change due to Fickle Friends, an indigenous Brighton five piece consisting of Natassja, Sam, Harry, Chris and Jack whose slick pop productions howl wildly to the call of eighties nostalgia and tropical soundboards. Working alongside the recording prowess of James Earp (Nina Nesbitt) both parties have successfully utilised the impressionable foundations of pop to convey lyrical sincerity and stark emotion in a clear, uncompromising way whilst still keeping "Swim" a fun, gambolled affair. Steady beats and watery electronica skip along throughout, filtering between infectious guitar hooks and new-wave camp. Each chorus is handsomely rugged as a plethora of sounds vie for attention in a manner that nods playfully to similar eighties compositions. "Swim" eventually builds to an augmented bridge that reflects the song title and lyrics; a feeling of drowning amongst sound that adds an extra tangible dimension to this offering. Fickle Friends know how to write songs, and produce them. They do so in an excitable, yet professional fashion, to which Brighton may finally have a chance to return to the pop music fore.

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We first mentioned I Am A Camera two years ago when their electronic number "Commuter Love" first nestled its way onto the internet, from there the stylish duo of Mancunian Francesca Ross and Northern Irish Ian Watt have laid down a solid and charismatic sound; fusing jovial pop with inquisitive electro manipulation, the two have always managed to bring about a complimentary equilibrium that pushes their creativity further. Their latest release "Lost In Love", a sombre lyrical homage to Valentine's Day is juxtaposed by upbeat eighties synths and rumbling psych-pop tendencies. From the offset, this effort is underpinned by Watt's digital excellence, as sporadic bass warps and shimmering keys collide together and release explosive sound energy. Francesca's storming vocals feel assertive and structured amongst the more discordant musical background freeing up some sure ground in which the lyrics of "Lost In Love" can pool forth and nudge all other inputs into one obedient flow. The whole song is very industrious. Dragonette meets CHVRCHES meets Goldfrapp. That sums it up rather nicely we think. Frenetic and overtly dominant pop that borrows electro traits and maximises them to full effect, I Am A Camera have another classic under their belt with this new single.Valentine's Day need not be a soppy ballad affair ever again.

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14 February 2014


A name like Milky Chance is bound to cause a stir. Fortunately the German duo of Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch let their music deter from the random moniker. Forming several years ago the two men have a unique musical background; one used to be in a jazz quartet, the other was previously a DJ. Diversity of sound is fundamental, as is demonstrated by the enriched, eclectic fusions of genre and instrumentation that the two nurture within their work. Add fellow German producer Alex Brandt into the mix and a dynamic track was bound to surface. That track is the delightful "Stolen Dance", a previously released effort that garnered a huge interest in Germany. Brandt has perfectly utilised the original's husky lyrical quirks and vivacious guitar folk-isms to full effect whilst beefing it up with his typical love of steady rhythmic beats and Deutsche-centric exuberance. Jazz instruments have peppered the charts in recent years and this edit is no exception, albeit less brazen and haphazardly executed. This newly polished offering purrs along nicely with an accomplished tempo drive that is agitated by saxophone hoots and brooding vocals. Its lyrical simplicity and sturdy beats make it a perfect tonic for the summer months to come and showcases Milky Chance and Alex Brandt's unique abilities.

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New Zealand often gets overlooked by its much larger island neighbour when it comes to new music. Where Australia is synonymous with cheeky electro reverie and infectious pop morsels, New Zealand is famous for smouldering alt-pop and well constructed musicality. That fact, is only now being realised thanks in part to a certain Lorde. She has fierce competition however in the form of BROODS; a ruminating and ridiculously beautiful brother / sister duo from Auckland, whose mutual penchant for all things morose, swooping and expansive has set tongues wagging and their social media profiles alight. Single "Bridges" is an absolute gem; haunting vocals from Georgia immediately captivate auditory senses and draw you in to a misty world of whispered reverb and swooning lyrical interplay. Those elements alone provide a stable blueprint that allows additional sounds to concordantly flow into the BROODS musical format. There is a sense of cathredralised space in "Bridges" where everything is towering and enchanting in equal measures. Their pulsating noire-electro fits nicely alongside similar material by GAPS, Feathers and London Grammar whilst Georgia's ethereal vocal murmurs perfectly compliment her brother's digitalised musicianship from start to finish. This is a duo who demonstrate an unspoken understanding of the other, an understanding of what makes a track sound perfect in a way that only a brother and sister know.

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