14 February 2014


A name like Milky Chance is bound to cause a stir. Fortunately the German duo of Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch let their music deter from the random moniker. Forming several years ago the two men have a unique musical background; one used to be in a jazz quartet, the other was previously a DJ. Diversity of sound is fundamental, as is demonstrated by the enriched, eclectic fusions of genre and instrumentation that the two nurture within their work. Add fellow German producer Alex Brandt into the mix and a dynamic track was bound to surface. That track is the delightful "Stolen Dance", a previously released effort that garnered a huge interest in Germany. Brandt has perfectly utilised the original's husky lyrical quirks and vivacious guitar folk-isms to full effect whilst beefing it up with his typical love of steady rhythmic beats and Deutsche-centric exuberance. Jazz instruments have peppered the charts in recent years and this edit is no exception, albeit less brazen and haphazardly executed. This newly polished offering purrs along nicely with an accomplished tempo drive that is agitated by saxophone hoots and brooding vocals. Its lyrical simplicity and sturdy beats make it a perfect tonic for the summer months to come and showcases Milky Chance and Alex Brandt's unique abilities.

Check out "Stolen Dance" (Alex Brandt's Saxual Edit) via the Soundcloud below. You can even download it for free! Remember to follow the two acts and Owl By Night too.

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