19 February 2014


We first mentioned I Am A Camera two years ago when their electronic number "Commuter Love" first nestled its way onto the internet, from there the stylish duo of Mancunian Francesca Ross and Northern Irish Ian Watt have laid down a solid and charismatic sound; fusing jovial pop with inquisitive electro manipulation, the two have always managed to bring about a complimentary equilibrium that pushes their creativity further. Their latest release "Lost In Love", a sombre lyrical homage to Valentine's Day is juxtaposed by upbeat eighties synths and rumbling psych-pop tendencies. From the offset, this effort is underpinned by Watt's digital excellence, as sporadic bass warps and shimmering keys collide together and release explosive sound energy. Francesca's storming vocals feel assertive and structured amongst the more discordant musical background freeing up some sure ground in which the lyrics of "Lost In Love" can pool forth and nudge all other inputs into one obedient flow. The whole song is very industrious. Dragonette meets CHVRCHES meets Goldfrapp. That sums it up rather nicely we think. Frenetic and overtly dominant pop that borrows electro traits and maximises them to full effect, I Am A Camera have another classic under their belt with this new single.Valentine's Day need not be a soppy ballad affair ever again.

Check out "Lost In Love" via the Soundcloud below then follow the links and show some love to I Am A Camera and Owl By Night.

I Am A Camera: Facebook
I Am A Camera: Twitter

Owl By Night: Facebook
Owl By Night: Twitter

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