14 February 2014


New Zealand often gets overlooked by its much larger island neighbour when it comes to new music. Where Australia is synonymous with cheeky electro reverie and infectious pop morsels, New Zealand is famous for smouldering alt-pop and well constructed musicality. That fact, is only now being realised thanks in part to a certain Lorde. She has fierce competition however in the form of BROODS; a ruminating and ridiculously beautiful brother / sister duo from Auckland, whose mutual penchant for all things morose, swooping and expansive has set tongues wagging and their social media profiles alight. Single "Bridges" is an absolute gem; haunting vocals from Georgia immediately captivate auditory senses and draw you in to a misty world of whispered reverb and swooning lyrical interplay. Those elements alone provide a stable blueprint that allows additional sounds to concordantly flow into the BROODS musical format. There is a sense of cathredralised space in "Bridges" where everything is towering and enchanting in equal measures. Their pulsating noire-electro fits nicely alongside similar material by GAPS, Feathers and London Grammar whilst Georgia's ethereal vocal murmurs perfectly compliment her brother's digitalised musicianship from start to finish. This is a duo who demonstrate an unspoken understanding of the other, an understanding of what makes a track sound perfect in a way that only a brother and sister know.

Check out single "Bridges" below via the Soundcloud link and be sure to purchase BROODS' eponymous EP online to show your support. Remember to follow Owl By Night via Facebook and Twitter too.

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