03 April 2015


Now Azealia has been given the creative and artistic freedom since ditching the shackles of her former record label her eagerly anticipated album "Broke With Expensive Taste" has served up the precise concoction of gritty Harlem angst, intellectual hybridisation of genres and an intrepid mindset. Banks continually surprises and this latest jaunt is no different.

"Ice Princess" is another spectacular waddle from the Banks blueprint, or it is? Every time we think we have this matriarch sussed she goes and shifts the proverbial goalposts; whether it is directive styling, lyrical punch, music composition. There is always metamorphosis and that is how Azealia Banks works. This single is a thrifty ensemble of chilling beats and cut throat slow-rap that pummels your ears with sensibility and tenacious wit. By scooping out the aural meat of Morgan Paige's "In The Air" and sprinkling glitter-ball dance rhythm with zorbing bass lines ensures that Banks' latest cut typifies her musical expression.

Check out the music video for "Ice Princess" below. Like what you hear? Then share, re-tweet, re-post this review and spread the new music love. Also check out the humbling and honest interview Azealia Banks did with Channel 4 underneath.

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