09 April 2015


It has been a long time coming but finally Sweden's Ester Ideskog has got some new music for us to feast upon. Better known under the moniker of Vanbot and widely recognised as the natural predecessor to fellow compatriot Robyn, the electro-pop vixen has been vehemently working on new material and by all accounts it looks like the wait was most definitely worth it.

Ideskog has retained all the superb traits that originally caught our attention and helped her to stand out from an overly saturated solo female market. Her comprehension towards music and the seamless ease at utilising producer, vision and finished masterpiece is nothing short of inspiring. "Seven" is another progressive step in itself, cementing the aforementioned and enforcing the blueprint further: eclectic percussion, rousing synths, intermittent soundboard glitches, icily pitched vocals and succinct lyrical purpose. Hauntingly accurate in places, jagged in others; a culmination of emotive outpouring mixed with dexterous musical composition that maintains its pop essence courtesy of bolstered choruses and shimmered digitalism. Typical Vanbot.

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