05 April 2015


The year 1994 served as a defining moment in contemporary French music, it was the year the electronic maestro Hugo Pierre Leclercq, known mononymously as Madeon was born. At only fifteen the creative mind of the youngster from Nantes turned heads and garnered attention immediately and only now has the anticipated debut album "Adventure" surfaced. 

"Innocence" is an intriguing offering from Madeon; the haphazard clicks, inquisitive bleeps and boisterous energy we are accustomed to takes a polite side step in favour of rousing choral skyscrapers, woozy electronic interludes and cosmological lyric interplay. Staccato beats and interchanging tempo moods dictate the nature of "Innocence" and perfectly compliment the vocal sensibilities of the formidable UK duo Aquilo. This is very M83, very Broods but crucially, still intrinsically Madeon. Everything doesn't quite gel, the lacquer is not quite smooth, but that is essentially Madeon's joker of the pack and we love him all the more for it.

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