22 December 2012


IYES are fresh off the press, brand new and gleaming. We are very excited about the duo of Josh and Melis simply because their milky slow-warped electro R'n'B is absolutely magnificent and refreshing. In only a couple of months the Brighton duo have already sculpted a sound so perfect in every minuscule detail that we would put money on it that there will be many an established artist scratching their heads at how these two have produced such a quality sound. Minimal, transparent and sombre, "Lighthouse" is a fluid piece of music stripped of fanciful noise boards and indulgent editing. The introduction is full of tentative warbles and desolate electro peaks that gradually interlock and build up to a wonderful chorus of onyx poise and stoic resilience. While we know everyone will automatically label IYES as a new The XX, there is a very obvious harmonic balance shared between both acts and the dynamic array of genre inputs suggests a very James Blake/Niki And The Dove methodology to music. "Lighthouse" is a sublime track that trickles down the ear canal and gently nuzzles against your aural senses over and over till the last beat is dropped. Who could protest at such an offer? We certainly wouldn't. This Brighton band have a lot of promise indeed, their smooth realms of music are a welcome distraction from the numbing effects of the everyday routine and we welcome such a sound with open arms.

What do you think of "Lighthouse" and IYES? Let us know and leave a comment then check out their Soundcloud and show the guys some support.



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