22 December 2012


Despite having worked with Madonna and despite the fact they been producing psychedelic pop packed full of brazen electronic affections for several years, this Stockholm based four-piece that consists of Tommy, Peter, Henrik and Henrik (yes you read that right, two Henriks) still managed to slip under our radar. The Amplifetes describe their latest album, "Where Is The Light?" as being fuelled by an old Pink Floyd mixing console, an addictive relationship with analogue machinery and setting such craftsmanship to the backdrop of dense Nordic forests. It sounds like a dynamic mix, but does it really tick all the boxes? Most definitely. Their newest single "You/Me/Evolution" is a track primed with exquisite pop credentials and dissected beats. From the offset, the introduction treats us to a parallel dimension of staccato bleeps and warbling noise manipulation that will no doubt conjure up similarities to Hot Chip or Miike Snow. Each punchy chorus is a smorgasbord of techno delights that builds to a crescendo of raucous bass-lines and juggernaut synth menace. "You/Me/Evolution" grinds down each musical facet into a sculpted display of prismatic, intelligent sound that paves a new road for electro-pop full of excitement and slick Swedish production. The Amplifetes show that once again that Scandinavians know how to make music and who are we argue otherwise.

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