23 December 2012


We often find a male female duality provides a unique musical foundation to perfect a sound, a song and a particular direction. Elsa Fourlon and Julien Decoret are a brilliant example at how opposing genders can funnel the wild nature of musical experimentation into a polished electro-pop effort that is ridiculously catchy. Having a background in classical music has allowed both Fourlon and Decoret to really understand one another and submerse their music with a velvety richness that only nostalgic instruments can conjure up. The duo's last single "Your Girl" received positive responses from the online community so serving up "Cardiogram" as the next single seems like the right thing to do. Oceanic purrs and gritty bass croaks meander between cavernous techno bleeps to produce a very dynamic package. Seamlessly delivered from start to end and topped off with a hooky chorus, the French outfit have another slick electro-pop track to add to their catalogue. Fourlon's inquisitive vocal murmurs have a Goldfrapp, Roisin Murphy tinged frivolity that makes "Cardiogram" a brassy pop number bursting with cool Franco vibes and neon spice. Such a delicious array of sounds provides an exciting platform on which the two can build their vision and showcase it to the world.

Listen to "Cardiogram" below via Soundcloud and let us know what you think of La Boetie by posting a comment below.


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