17 December 2012


You should all know by now that we have a penchant for Swedish music and Stockholm youngster Alina is another charismatic newcomer who fits the bill nicely. The Swedish fireball is still very young; all bright eyed and full of innocence you could say. We love her gusto approach to making music too and having already worked with esteemed producer Christoffer Wikberg her debut album "Marathon" manipulates the bubbly side of pop with zorbing streaks of bass and pulsating electro veins. We reckon if X-Factor cretin Cher Lloyd had actually used her head, she would of gone in the direction of Alina; something raw, untamed and brooding. "Jag Svär" has a thrombotic structure that slides into a thumping chorus of brash vocals and Berlin tech-scapes. Tinged with emotion, this latest single showcases Devecerski's slick production talents where sung chords ride along with arrow-tipped stealth to create a thoughtful and punchy pop drama. We for one, cannot wait to hear more.

View Alina's Facebook page and the music video below then let us know what you think by leaving a comment.



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