31 December 2012


Royksopp are synonymous with creating mystical electronica and contemporary noise realms. The Norwegian duo have been making music for a significant period of time that spans well over a decade in the business. No mean feat these days we can assure you. Despite the cyclical nature of niche genres Royksopp have stayed true to their sound and honed it to fit current musical trends with an icy finesse that leaves their fellow counterparts falling wayward. Progressing from the ambient ripples of previous albums "Junior" and "Senior", "Running To The Sea" is the their latest single that incorporates all the recognised traits of such Nordic production; uncluttered, seamless and exquisite. Sven and Tjorborn tentatively caress ivory keys in the opening sequence to paint a landscape of stand alone piano riffs that lull people into thinking that this song is all about wafting moods and sombre instrumentals. That assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Crisp and piercing, Sundfor's glassy vocals act as the perfect tonic amongst Royksopp's minimal portraits by encouraging the tempo to nudge this track into a fantastical world of precise beats and tessellating electro thumps. Royksopp ensure this latest offering has a momentous chorus spurred along by astral synth bleeps and morose lyrical pools with enough emotion to make "Running To The Sea" a track full of depth and interpretive musing.

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