17 December 2012


The beautiful London duo of Eli and Fur have been kicking up an electronic storm with their brand of techno-house over the last couple of years. Having supported Alex Metric amongst others, it comes as no surprise that they are developing a loyal fanbase. The computational sirens have chosen "Tonight" as the third release off of their home-grown record label NYX. By teaming up with the entrepreneurial South London production collective of BretonLABS, they have conjured up an oscillating monster of a track full of swirling bass lines and rhythmic satin beats that define this clubland masterpiece from the very beginning. A shattered mixture of Miike Snow sound manipulation meets Smith and Thell vocal harmonies ensures a continental neon lacquer to this track that belies its British orchestration. "Tonight" is an energetic wander into the techno-tronic wilderness where crunching noises mix with hazy vocal fantasies to generate a pulsing world of sound. Thankfully Eli and Fur have brought back a style of music that needed removing from the shelf, dusting off and to be played once more. 

Have a little look at the stunning video below then follow the twosome on Facebook. Let us know if "Tonight" is a song you all like too and post a comment.



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