25 February 2013


Passion Pit had huge success with their eclectic pop monster "Sleepyhead" five years ago. Since then the Cambridge, Massachusetts band have been on a relative back burner here in the UK; their three albums have received many positive comments over the years from avid fans and music experts but they still remain fairly unknown. However, this American band remain a solid force, the fact they are still in the business despite some tumultuous times is testament to their alt-pop standards. Passion Pit have just released their latest single from the album "Gossamer" and it is another gem. "Carried Away" is one huge juxtaposition; the song details the explosive conflicts within relationships whilst set to the backdrop of candyfloss neon beats and adorable synth exasperations. The introduction sequence bounds around as a plethora of whirs, twinkles and fluffy keys interact with an almost noxious air of positivity that belies the songs lyrical narrative. We especially love the chorus simply because it has the right balance between alternative synthesised regalia and commercial pop genes; there is energy and a distinctive vibrancy to "Carried Away" and with plaintive lyrics like "I don't think I know you and I don't think I want to" this track is a credible production that marries tetchy emotions and zealous soundscapes.

Check out the video for "Carried Away" below then drop us a comment and tell us what you think of the band's latest single.




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