26 February 2013


Brand new and unsigned, synth-pop outfit Ecstasy hail from London and are already creating quite a stir amongst the new music community with their love for pumped-up beats and substantial anthemic sounds. The band have an actively growing Soundcloud fanbase which has grabbed the attention of numerous reviewers enticed by this new wave of electro-pop blood. Possessing a sound similar to that of DWNTWN, Chvrches and Summer Camp, this collective have a very promising year ahead and surely it will come as no surprise to see these guys appear on the line-up of some festivals here in the UK. New release "Frnds 4 Lyf" is a stampeding array of drums, flawless bass grinds and a penchant for inquisitive synth pokes. The whole track is doused in a glorious audio liquid that nuzzles each individual noise into a sweetened package with enough tempo drive to remain pleasant for your listening pleasure. Eventually we are exposed to Ecstasy's hallmark vocal prowess; trickling down amongst the many positive musical inputs is a remarkable set of harmonies that give the chorus a beautiful fluidity, highlighting this single's finer intricacies. The London band make fantastic electro-pop and ensure the UK remains at the forefront of such a genre. We look forward to an EP and tour in the near future (major hint to Ecstasy there).  

Listen to "Frnds 4 Lyf" via the band's Soundcloud below and tell us what you think of this great new band from London.




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