14 February 2013


Despite the Welsh intonation, the fledgling trio of Blaenavon actually hail from Hampshire and formed in the last few months of 2011. Having peppered the online community with a handful of interviews and features it is clear the band are still relatively new to the circuit. They have a juvenile irreverence and witty charm that gives the guys some personality and edge compared to older musicians who may abstain from such rambunctious attitudes. Blaenavon surpass their combined years too when it comes to making music. We are not being patronising when we say their music is far more established than what you may think when you look at a photo of the fresh faced teens. As you know, we like a good subversive angle that shakes things up a little and following in the footsteps of Spector, The 1975 and The New Union, Blaenavon offer a new slant on the indie genre. "Into The Night" is one of those tracks that is crescendo building; the introductory sequence is fuelled by bronzed guitar frivolities and lackadaisical vocal overlays that lulls people into a moody sense of relaxation. Filtering additional layers of sound and notching up the tempo as the song proceeds gives an added kick of energy that is welcomed; the alt-pop qualities become diluted in favour of warming indie strides where guitars, drums and fluid vocals interact. With fervent choruses aplenty this latest offering meets expectations and delivers a prime slice of alternative indie-pop.

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