21 February 2013


Recently we have seen a plethora of strong female artists emerge and dictate new sounds, genres and directions. You only have to look at the current batch to fully comprehend this fact: Haim, Grimes, Clare Maguire, Azealia Banks. The list is now about to get even longer courtesy of an American all female collective. Based in Texas and New York, Anastasia, Courtney, Kathleen and Jordan make up the wonderfully dark and mesmerising band Feathers. Their debut album "If All Now Here" is out in April and promises to be a kaleidoscopic dive into the realms of moody pop and emotive transcendence. After just one second of hearing the group's first official offering, "Land Of The Innocent" we instantly fell in love with it; straight away hooky synth mantras bound forth into a progressive introduction of imposing beats, spectral whirs and tortuous fuzz stabs. Eventually the girls punctuate the soundboard with a harmonic vocal display; the whole song feels contradictory in a good way; elegant haunting chords are juxtapositioned against macabre electronica and paint a shadowed noise display that is a privilege to listen to. Remaining poised throughout this dynamic track glides along into seamless choral compositions built around the sound of captivating synths and soaring vocals. Light, dark, ethereal, morose, it could be many things but to us, it is a fantastic electro-pop track.

Do you like Feathers? Check out the music video below and remember to buy "Land Of The Innocent" on 4th March. Tell us what you think.




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