12 February 2013


Everyone loves a thumping slab of energetic dance music from time to time but the era of digitalised lung crushing tech-scapes seems a distant memory. However, there has been a commercially skewed renaissance recently thanks in part to the likes of David Guetta and Calvin Harris whose languid collaborations frequently lack attention to detail or resourceful depth. Zedd is an artist who sews a fine line between sugary pop and enterprising musicianship. Having Coachella and Creamfields under his belt there is no denying Zedd has a renowned production ethic. His latest single "Clarity" simmers gently to expansive keyboard chimes and warming vocal reflections courtesy of the delightful Foxes and her haunting Sia-esque chords. Using the alt-pop vixen's salutary harmonies compliments the heavier dance amalgams to generate a track of smoothed introductions and explosive choruses. Synths scream and twist into thunderous beats and a pulsating bass line to give "Clarity" a combustive drive. There is a strand of extra thought gone into this song compared to the usual 'Guetta fodder'. The lyrics are sincere and occasionally retrospective; Zedd's classical background coats this song with a high production aesthetic and in doing so creates an electro-dance monster that we absolutely adore.

Check out the music video and tell us what you think of Zedd's latest effort below. Does it get the thumbs up? Let us know.



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