14 February 2013


Salt Ashes is from our hometown of Brighton. This humble Georgian paradise is famed for the likes of Fatboy Slim, Bat For Lashes and The XX but what we lack is a powerful female who produces well executed satin-pop infusions. Not anymore. We are very excited about Salt Ashes; she is the music drug that Brighton has been ravenously craving for and this year promises big things. Think of Kylie Minogue, Queen Of Hearts, Niki And The Dove, Natasha Khan and Beatrice Eli all rolled into one. That is an incredible mix and Salt Ashes cleverly borrows the aforementioned's nuances and sculpts it into a unique disco-savvy musical alloy. Her cover of Depeche Mode's 1986 hit "Black Celebration" has ignited the blogosphere but we are more enthralled by her cybernetic slow-amp pop sizzler "If You Let Me Go". Starting off with angular eighties beats and pulsating electronic smudges this track immediately submerges into a viscous neon bath of soundboard genius. Salt Ashes' Kate bush utterances and glacial vocalisations pierce the background music with vivid precision and lead into a chorus that is packed full of energy and harmonic verve. The lyrics feel almost heated; dipped in a blackened emotive psyche shattered over vibrant musical landscapes. The entire single is some phantasmagorical thoroughfare of perfect noire-pop and electronica that finds itself in the same vein as high end Scandinavian productions. This is pop on a contemporary, reinvented level and Salt Ashes is a pioneer in the UK market for such a thing. We cannot wait to hear more from this vivacious pop siren. 

Check out "If You Let Me Go" via the Soundcloud below then tell us what you think and leave a comment or two. You can also download "Black Celebration" for free via Salt Ashes' Facebook on March 20th.




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