16 February 2013


Daisy Tallulah Syron-Russell, or Syron for short, is an incredibly gifted and feisty urban flower whose rise from obscurity over the past twelve months is nothing short of incredible. The nineteen year old Londoner's first release "Breaking" instantly set tongues wagging amongst the tastemaker and blogging communities. Receiving support from Zane Lowe, The XX, Guardian and ID Magazine highlights the popularity and drive behind this relatively new artist and it certainly isn't hard to see why. The urban siren's latest jaunt sidesteps away from her initial nineties skew and mires itself in slow-jam reggaetron and fizzling pop tendencies. It is a great little song indeed. "Here" commences with an array of distorted sound-twitch warbles, building a solid foundation for Syron's axiomatically piercing vocals; seeped in a veritable warmth each lyric is humble and rooted with a positive vibe. This latest single saunters along amidst bubbly synth pockets and Kingston dance-hall hues. It is a carefree musical agenda with no underlying negativity or construed back stories. This is about going out and having fun and sometimes songs work best when the recipe is kept simple. Rising Ibiza strings and an enigmatic chorus carry the song along rather nicely making it feel distinctly Cover Drive meets Rita Ora in places. "Here" is definitely where we want to be. 

Check out the music video below for "Here" then tell us what you think and post a comment or two.




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