22 February 2013


We blogged about Chvrches in August last year just as they released their grinding electronic smash "Lies". Since then they have showered us in sparkling pop with the delightfully uplifting "The Mother We Share" and to add to that the Glaswegian trio of Lauren, Iain and Martin have gone and bagged themselves a place on the BBC's Sound Of 2013 new music list. No mean feat we assure you. So, with that in mind the intrepid band have a lot to live up to considering the blogosphere hype they have created; their next release carries on where the band left off and fantastically showcases their unique digitalised compositions and jittery pop quirks. "Recover" is another fuzzy excursion into the realms of feel-good sound as majestic synth angles whir upwards with celestial ease as soon as the track commences. It is a well paced thoroughfare that allows various musical interferences to trickle through, most notably the emotionally rendered chords of Lauren Mayberry that stab past the electro frivolities to deliver a retrospective lyrical viewpoint. That in itself makes "Recover" a song with hidden depth. Just delve past the fairground sweetness of bouncing synths and lavish drum beats and you see that there is a raw fragility to this latest single, "And If I recover, will you be my comfort?", Mayberry continually asks. With statuesque choral bouts and fervent musical energy this is another dazzling electro-pop offering from Chvrches.

What do you think of "Recover" as the newest single from Chvrches? Let us know and leave a comment.




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