27 February 2013


Residing in our hometown of Brighton, Kill Moon are a steadfast quartet made up of members Izzy Bee Phillips, Chris Ostler, Tommy Taylor and Tom Dewhurst who have slowly been making a name for themselves on the local music scene. Whispers are abound that this auspicious group are music dynamite; with an edgy matriarch in the form of Izzy Bee Phillips this female fronted ensemble produce compelling music that positively slaps the living daylights out of other more mediocre local bands. It is clear after only one listen of brand new single "Shine" that these Brightonians share a sound that only the upper echelons of female-led gritty indie-rock similarly possess; think along the lines of Savages, VuVuVultures, La Femme, Polica and then you begin to understand the genealogy of their music style. "Shine" starts off with a voracious tempo fuelled by scuzz-glow guitar thwacks and earthen beats that lays down a dysfunctional noise bonanza for ears to feast upon. This latest release allows the coppered seductions of the guitar to do the talking; they harbour a sound that transcends decades, ageless in composition, a sign of a truly talented band. Such dynamism is peppered by the acidic tonal murmurs of Phillips whose vocals are the perfect ingredient for such an underground atmospheric number. Volatile chords, fiery guitars and thrashment drum beats are the key elements to this fantastically produced song and it suggests a great many things from Brighton's very own alt-fuzz indie collective.

Check out the amazing music video for "Shine" below (it has snippets of Thunderbirds in it so that is always a winner in our opinion) then show the guys some support via the links below.




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