18 February 2013


Outrageous Camden duo Man Like Me are back with another elaborate and sizzling electro-pop stormer in the form of "Sleaze". The charismatic Londoners of Johnny Langer and Peter Duffy have had a fantastic year having played at a variety of festivals along with producing the phenomenally catchy bubble-synth anthem "Squeeze" and appeared on an interesting little Ikea advert. The band's eagerly anticipated sophomore album "Pillow Talk" is released in early March on The Beats/Cartoon Records and promises to be an incredible venture masterminded by the genius that is Mike Skinner. With a Jessie Ware collaboration also on the album it has all the right ingredients for success. "Sleaze" will be the album's first release; a flirtatious electro fuelled hot-dog of a track oozing eclectic rhythms and sultry computations. Man Like Me's latest offering starts off with an infectious staccato synth layout that has all the hallmarks of a Kylie Minogue number; amongst such exultant sound manipulations there are random tribal-esque squawks and psychedelic funk bursts. The vibrant mixture immediately gives "Sleaze" an identity and highlights the shimmering production values of Langer and Duffy. The pairing's vocal gestures are humorous and dipped in a glossy neon flavour that carries through to a searing chorus of blocked instrumental loops and synthesised excursions. Sleazy doesn't even cover it.

Have a little look at the music video below then tell us what you think and leave us a comment.




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