07 February 2013


It feels pretty strange to be consecutively blogging about two different music acts that both reside in the 'Windy City' of Chicago, but this is how things go and by sheer coincidence we heard Hey Champ's latest single straight after we had reviewed On And On and just had to do a post about it. Sam, Jonathan and Pete have had a strong presence on the global music market now for well over five years thanks to their swooping disco-tronic soundboards and Franco-house rhythms. The band have more recently worked with Eliot James (Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party) so there is talent behind the production as well as from the band itself. This year has started off well with their latest single "Cliché" reaching third on Hype Machine's much touted charts and it isn't hard to see why. The band sprinkle a European glaze of whirring synths and neon dance characteristics over their latest offering making it feel very Futurecop! meets Tim And Jean; fuelled by a reliably warbling back beat gives "Cliché" a steady discotheque predictability and allows synths and any other funk-fused electronica to meander in and out with strobe light precision. Adding a polished set of vocals gives this vibrant ensemble a deep rooted pop ethos that carries the track lightly through from the start into each glossy chorus right up till the end. "Cliché" is infectious, impressive and showcases that Americans can do it just as well as their European counterparts.

Listen to Hey Champ's latest single below and tell us what you think by leaving a comment.



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