13 February 2013


James Bay is an artist who possesses that untarnished strain of talent that many newcomers lose as they develop over time. His raw expressions and gravelled voice work in a magical unison that captivates audiences and strips pop melodies back to a skeletal efficiency. The young singer-songwriter hails from Hitchin near Luton and has already gained a great reputation thanks to stints at London's Camden Barfly and the Notting Hill Arts Club. With distant echoes to work by Dry The River and Chet Faker this young man sits in good company when it comes to making sincere folk-pop ditties brimming with lyrical intrigue and morose instrumentals. "Stealing Cars" epitomises James Bay as an artist. It is a song of clarity; tentative guitars comfort the musing drip-drops of twinkled sound amongst efficacious harmonies. Bay makes music from his heart and his head. Simple as that. There is a story behind the lyrics that feels almost regretful or forlorn; "Before our hearts go up in flames, let's go throwing stones and stealing cars". This emotive ambience carries the song through with a gentle pooling sensation where slow-warp folk and dusty pop alternativism sidle by hand in hand to provide nearly four minutes of musical bliss. 

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