13 February 2013


We love Py. Simple as that. Hitchin's dazzling songstress who now resides in London first popped up on our radar early last year and since then she has honed her style and sought a strong music direction. This year looks sets to be action packed as Py announces the release of her "Tripping On Wisedom" mixtape along with a fresh EP via the Sounds Of Sumo label; surely it will only be a matter of time before this exciting matriarch becomes a more spoken name on the circuit. "Black Magic" filtered out late last year but we love the track so much that we just have to talk about it here and now. Starting off with a harrowing din of prolonged keys and electronic murmurs funnels this track into a blackened realm of noise. The only light visible is the crystalline shards of harmony that Py brings to the mix. Leading into the choral build up is a strong, effervescent loop of dope-trance beats and sauntering urban waves; we see elements of Grimes, The 14th and Katy B dancing around Py's own unique trepidations. Packing a tribal rhythm into the background whilst soulful vocals work their magic elsewhere gives an air of mystery to this single and casts angular music shadows across typical pop foundations. Py has a great knack at making music and this track perfectly showcases her dynamic edge.

Check out the music video below then tell us what you think. Does Py's latest effort get the thumbs up?




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