23 February 2013


Once again we find ourselves blogging about another powerful and supremely talented artist to come from Sweden. We first discovered Beatrice Eli over a year ago and the Stockholm starlet joins a long list of fellow countrywomen including Lykke Li, Frida Sundemo and Miriam Bryant who produce outstanding electronic pop fusions and exuberant vocal arrangements. Eli's first release, "The Conqueror" was well received by music critics who were won over by the Swede's moody beats and enticing lyrics; since then the pop entrepreneur has toured with native R'n'B kitten Miguel and knuckled down to finish off her debut album. In the meantime Eli has kindly bridged the waiting gap with her first EP also titled "It's Over" which perfectly demonstrates her illustrious production skills. This latest single is a short wander into an audio world full of imposing razor sharp guitar riffs and brash indie pangs that step aside and allow this sultry Swedish matriarch to work her vocal magic. Raspy jazz chords and sassy intonations enrich this song with a vagabond charm as Beatrice Eli details her ideas of freedom and having a great time through simple yet effective lyrics. Add to that a colossal chorus uprising and golden instrumental patterns to match and you get a brilliant piece of high end Scandinavian pop for us Brits to enjoy.

Check out the music video for "It's Over" and tell us what you think, leave a comment below or go over to our Facebook page and discuss this more. Don't forget to grab Beatrice Eli's debut EP too when it drops on 24th March.




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