01 February 2013


On And On are a three piece originating from Chicago and Minneapolis who formed after each individual had explored their own music direction and came together by sharing similar tastes. After the initial success of their first single "Ghosts" the band have just released their debut LP titled "Give In" via Roll Call Records. This second offering stands out as a chrome tinted eruption of vocoded sound channelling and anthemic bashment full of energy and iron weight. We see a similarity to Avec Sans or Carousel but laced with a rockier gene. The introductory sequence to "The Hunter" is an immediate thoroughfare of mystical synthesising and electronic enthusiasm with enough gusto behind it to get a stadium sized crowd off their feet and moving. On And On indulge themselves with a viscous blend of computational bleeps, permeating vocal wails and thunderous drum beats that makes the whole song feel inspiring and driven. Take note, when the sound filters momentarily sidle off we see a different angle to "The Hunter", one of robust lyrics that appear simple but emotively transparent, "I get what I came for 'cause that's all you can give". On and On give us a rousing scuzz-soaked number fuelled with electronic vibrancy and tumbling soundscapes that we cannot help but love.

Check out the music video for "The Hunter" below and then leave a comment and tell us what you think.



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