20 September 2014


The Knocks got their name from the disgruntled neighbours in their New York apartment block who often 'knocked' walls and ceilings begging the duo of Ben Ruttner and James Patterson to stop the aural intrusions. The horror of it all!

Ruttner and Patterson recently released a letter, almost like a manifesto, that stated their opinion on the music industry and its difficulties. The message was clear, music must be emotive. The pair's latest single supports such a sentiment; featuring fellow American duo Powers, "Classic" is a kinetic romp into the soul-funk yonder underpinned with lashings of Scandi-pop nuances and electronic verve. The Knocks manage to intricately weave these elements into one cohesive unit. Everything feels coppery and emanates a euphoric warmth as springy guitar pangs and triumphant beats pave the way for vibrant choral intersections. Alphabeat in places, Mausi in others, but above all, fantastic electro-pop.

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